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Risa's Pregnancy Journal

Week 4
~ The Flu, Morning Sickness or Both

Week 4 started off great! I loved knowing that I was pregnant without all of the pregnancy symptoms. Monday I went to the gym, and brought Audrey to my mom's so I could get some work done. Around 10:30am I started feeling queasy. The only thing that helped the horrible morning sickness when I was pregnant with Audrey was Zyrtec, so I took one hoping it would help. My mom dropped Audrey off at noon so Audrey could take a nap at home and my mom could get her hair done. Right after I put Audrey down I was throwing up and had diarrhea (I know gross). Anyway, that day I felt horrible, I was unable to keep anything down including any food or water. I thought I was going to have to go in on Tuesday for an IV. I had a few IVs with Audrey and could not believe that this time it was starting weeks earlier than it did with Audrey.

Tuesday I was feeling better and hadn't thrown up so I decided to rehydrate at home. Poor Audrey had diarrhea, but we are both feeling better now. I was feeling queasy yesterday, but I had forgotten to take my Zyrtec. I am making sure to take a Zyrtec each morning now. In the end, I think it was mostly the flu and a little bit of morning sickness. I am hoping that the morning sickness stays subdued this time.

On another note, we have been discussing baby names. When we had Audrey it was sooo easy. I loved the name Audrey Michelle and my husband agreed, easy as that. This time it is much different; I knew we would need to start talking about names right away. We have narrowed baby names down to 3 boy names and 3 girl names. I have a favorite girl name of the three, so we will see in a few months when we find out the sex. The middle names are proving to be more of a challenge, but that is why we are starting early!!

Until next week,

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