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Risa's Pregnancy Journal

Week 5
~ When to Tell

It seems like one of the first questions when we found out we were pregnant is when were we going to tell other people. With Audrey we were going to wait until after our first doctor's appointment, but because I was so sick we told earlier than we thought we would. With this pregnancy the decision was very easy. A good friend of mine, Jessica, is getting married on October 28, 2012. She had recently asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. We found out on a Wednesday. That Saturday we were supposed to go bridesmaid dress shopping. So I knew I had to tell Jessica right away so she could decide if she wanted me to still be a bridesmaid knowing that I might not be at the wedding if I were to go into labor. Needless to say we told our families the day we found out, and I told Jessica the day after. I am going to be a personal attendant for her wedding now; I am excited that I can still be a part of it. I am actually glad we didn't wait this time; it's too exciting not to tell.

This week I have been really tired. When Audrey naps, I work for 45 minutes to an hour and then nap the rest of the time as well. I am not getting much work done, but hopefully I can get enough done so that I don't get too far behind. My mom will be back late next week and I can get some work caught up then. Some other pregnancy systems that have really kicked in this week; exhaustion, weak muscles, and a touchy stomach. I don't feel too nauseous just blah. I think a good way to describe it is that I just don't feel like myself. And smells are definitely getting to me . . . stinky diapers, cologne (at the gym, in my opinion, there is no reason to wear cologne at the gym at 7am), some foods, etc, ugh.

I went to the chiropractor today. Not only is he my chiropractor, but I occasionally help him with book work and I actually sold him the building that he just moved to. Anyway, he adjusted my back and then asked me to roll over to adjust my neck. As he was adjusting my neck he casually says "it's about time you start thinking about having another baby." That's when I told him that I was actually pregnant. When I got to my car, I was thinking there is no way he could have guessed that. That's when I realized my darn tag was sticking out of my shirt! He has to move my hair off my back so that he doesn't pull it when he adjusts me and I was feeling rather chubby today so after trying on multiple different shirts I just opted for the easy way out and threw on a loose fitting maternity shirt. Well wouldn't you know it, he saw the tag that said "Maternity." So I of course called him out by texting him that he totally cheated!! He thought it was pretty darn hilarious. Since when have men been so observant, lol. Good for a laugh anyway.

Hope you have a great week!

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