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Week 6
~ Ugh . . . Not This Again

AudreyWeek 6 brought on the morning sickness. Sunday I was unable to keep anything down; it was like I was reliving my first pregnancy all over again. I was told by so many that the second pregnancy was easier . . . they were wrong. Anyway, Sunday it was clear that I was dehydrated; I was unable to eat or drink anything and keep it down. My husband wanted me to go to the ER (it was Sunday so the clinic wasn't open) and get an IV. I had convinced him that it would be fine to wait until Monday morning when I could just make an appointment with the doctor and go from there. So I lined up my grandma to come and watch Audrey so that we could go in the morning for our appointment.

Monday morning I called and asked for an appointment for a hydration check. I was transferred to the nurse so that she could get some information. Let me tell you, I was not happy with this nurse; she was a jerk and that is putting it mildly. Let me preface this conversation by saying that with my first pregnancy I got dehydrated a few times and needed IVs, so I know my body enough to know when I am at that point and should get some help from the doctors and not just try to handle it on my own. So back to the nurse . . . She asked me a few relevant questions, when was I able to eat or drink anything last, how many times had I urinated in the last 24 hours etc. After our conversation she concluded that because I was able to eat one bite of toast and take a sip of water that morning I was not dehydrated and did not need an appointment!!! I was furious! I asked her what the risks were to the baby if I was dehydrated, and she told me that I wasn't dehydrated and that I should drink either sprite or ginger ale and didn't answer the question about the possible risks to the baby. I have no idea what her problem was, but I am finally feeling better (as far as being hydrated goes) today, Thursday, I never did go in and have been trying very hard to rehydrate at home. Obviously I was able to because I am feeling much better today, but we could have saved a lot of heartache and worry if she would have just allowed me to get an appointment with a doctor.

I am feeling better now that I am better hydrated, but I do still have morning sickness. In my case it seems that I feel the best in the morning until about 9am and then it goes downhill for the rest of the day. Today I have been eating one bite here, one bite there. Literally, it took me one hour to eat my toast for breakfast. I will say as difficult as it is to do that I did feel better today, I was never too hungry or too full and so I think this might be something that I will continue for a while until this morning sickness goes away.

I have had a few issues with brushing my teeth and not throwing up. I have found that using Audrey's toothpaste, the kid's bubblegum flavor, has cut down on the throwing up episodes from brushing.

I am in my maternity clothes already. Ugh, I knew it was going to happen at some point but not at 6 weeks! The only thing I will say, that makes me feel a little bit better about it, is that my non-maternity clothes still fit; however, having anything tight or rubbing on my stomach makes me sick. I don't have that problem with the maternity clothes so I guess that makes it better . . . right??

On an awesome note, we have had FABULOUS weather in Minnesota. Yesterday and today was in the 70's, great weather for playing outside. Hoping that this weather sticks around for a while! I have attached a picture of Audrey in her dress from yesterday.


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