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Week 9
~ Auntie Michelle Visits

I feel like week 9 was another week the same as the last two. Still not feeling well, actually yesterday I didn't take my Zyrtec because I wasn't sure it was helping; well it is helping! It was a rough day/night without that yesterday, so I am going to continue taking that. I am not gaining any weight, but my stomach sure does seem to be expanding a lot! I am keeping track of my weight at home so when I go to the doctor I already know what I have gained or not. I know their scale says I am heavier than mine does, so I don't want them to think I have already gained five pounds or something.

My sister has been home all week. She lives in New York City so we don't get to see her very much. This week has been very busy. Every day we wake up, and we head over to my parents' house. Hang out there, have lunch, then Audrey and I go home for a nap. Then as soon as she wakes up we go back (my parents only live a few miles away) have dinner, my mom has been helping me out by giving Audrey a bath so that when we get home all I have to do is read her some books and lay her down for bed. It's been a very busy week, but I have found it very helpful as well. I haven't had to cook any meals, I have lots of help entertaining Audrey all day; it has been great! Audrey loves her auntie Michelle!

It is no secret that I do not enjoy being pregnant. I actually did the first few weeks before I started to feel icky all the time. For this pregnancy I have actually been hoping that we will have twins. It does run in my family so it is a possibility. My mom tells me to be careful what I wish for. As I think about it, I see one big positive--this would be my last pregnancy, but I would have three children. I have also been thinking of some negatives--a lot more work with two babies (and a toddler), I am also worried that if we did have twins the babies would demand so much attention Audrey would feel neglected (neglected isn't exactly the word I am looking for, but I can't think of the "right" word). Anyway, I know I am getting ahead of myself, but I guess there are a lot of things to think of when you hope for something. In the end I can't control that and we will make it work for us either way.

Next week I look forward to my first doctor appointment. I cannot wait; it seems like it has been forever ago since I called and made the appointment. I am glad that it will finally be here!!


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