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Rita's Pregnancy Journal StorkNet is pleased to bring you Rita's Pregnancy Journal.

Rita (33) and her husband Tim are the proud parents of an 18-month old daughter, Norah. Rita has experienced two miscarriages, her first pregnancy and her third. She conceived again and delivered a healthy son, Timothy Owen, 3 days overdue on June 7, 2005, after less than 5 hours of labor.

Join Rita as she takes us through the remainder of her pregnancy week by week.

Rita's Journal Entries

Meet Rita

Week 24
Oh Boy!!

Week 25
Into the Breech

Week 26
Making Room For More

Week 27
Doula or Don't Cha?

Week 28
I Fought the Law and I Won

Week 29
Rested, Refreshed, Ready to Roll!

Week 30
An Opportunist and Her Choices

Week 31
Just Roly-Poly-ing Along

Week 32
One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest and Cleaned it Out

Week 33
Achy, complainy, and whiny

Weeks 34/35
The Stay-At-Home Mother

Week 36
Complaints, Lamentations, and Mother's Day

Week 37
Getting Underway!

Week 38
Induction Blues

Week 39
I'm Not Holding My Breath

Week 40
Hanging in there

Birth Story
Here at last!

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