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~ Meet the Parents: From 0-23 Weeks in a Nutshell

Rita's Pregnancy JournalHi, my name is Rita, and at age 33, I'm currently expecting my second child. My husband Tim and I are already the very proud parents of an 18-month old little girl, who will be nearly two when the new baby arrives. We have been very happily married for six years. We only dated 6 weeks before getting engaged, and 8 months before getting married; I'm sure more than one person at our wedding assumed we got married so quickly because I was pregnant - which was not the case! We waited a little over 3 years to begin trying, and during that time, we built a strong relationship, did a lot of traveling, saved some money, bought a house, and focused on our careers and marriage. He's my best friend, and even though in so many ways we're very different, we're alike in the important ways: faith, fiscal-sense, and family-oriented. Unfortunately, we've had some downs too, and have gone through two previous miscarriages.

The first time I got pregnant came after only one month of trying, and we found out the good news in late July, 2002. That pregnancy unfortunately turned out to be a blighted ovum, and ended in miscarriage after just 9 weeks. I went through a D&C, and luckily I got pregnant a second time in November, 2002 and in July, 2003, delivered our happy and healthy daughter after an extremely fast (3 hours from soup to nuts) labor and delivery. My third pregnancy was a complete surprise to both my husband and I, and it began in May, 2004, but ended in a spontaneous miscarriage only one week later. I had had an inkling that it was not going to be a successful pregnancy since my progesterone levels had been quite low during a routine blood test that week, and weren't doubling as they should. What a bittersweet week of emotional highs and lows, I think in some ways worse than my first miscarriage, because by the time of the second miscarriage, we knew first-hand the joys that being a parent could bring. Finally, my current pregnancy began in September, 2004, and I'm currently approaching 23 weeks. I'm looking forward to sharing the rest of it with all of you. My due date is about June 4, 2005 but I would not be surprised if I exceed that by a couple of weeks given my family history.

The earlier weeks of this pregnancy were marked by morning sickness and crippling sciatic pain in my lower back. Luckily, the morning sickness is long behind me. By the way, I strongly recommend motion sickness bands to those of you going through it right now! Those little bands cost me $6 at the grocery store, but I would have gladly paid ten or twenty times that amount for the relief they provided me within minutes! My morning sickness was never really all that bad compared to some of the horror stories I've heard from other women. I just felt like I had a hangover every day, but hadn't done the partying the night before to have deserved the hangover. Oh well, I am of the mindset that morning sickness is the sign of a healthy pregnancy - for me anyway. I know some women escape completely unscathed, but that has not been my experience.

The sciatic pain was something I experienced as well with my daughter, but with her, it did not come until the very end of the pregnancy. This time, it came much sooner and much stronger, about 14-18 weeks, and I was hobbling around like a little old lady. Very attractive! I think the baby was just in an uncomfortable position for me, maybe sitting on a bundle of nerves, and luckily has since moved! I still have back trouble if I am on my feet too much, at a party (lots of standing), or doing too much housework. But I feel great now, and the house is a mess! (Actually it's not too bad, but call before you drop in - we need those few minutes for a last minute sweep of the area.)

The baby is moving around frequently, my weight gain is pretty good so far (about 10 lbs), we know what we're having (which I'll share in a future journal entry), and I'm in the middle of the happy and still-comfortable second trimester! All in all: A good time to undertake a project like this one. I'm writing this journal because I enjoy reading other ladies' pregnancy journals so much, I thought I'd enjoy writing one of my own even more. I also thought it'd be a nice way for me to make this pregnancy as memorable as the first. It's something I've noticed: My first pregnancy, every twitch and twinge, I wrote down. I also knew all the developmental milestones thanks to a daily online pregnancy calendar that let me know every excruciating detail, down to milestones such as when the baby approached the size of a large banana (an interesting comparison to say the least). This time, I've found I haven't the same bent toward obsession that I had with the first, which is probably a good thing. Anyway, this journal promises that our second baby will get a sense of how thrilled we really are to be welcoming this new life.

I promise to update as often as possible, yet I have to confess that I'm hoping for the inspiration to find something noteworthy to write about each week. I'll shoot for Fridays as my weekly update day, in case you're looking. I look forward to the remaining 17+ weeks of this pregnancy and sharing them with you. I hope you'll enjoy reading my StorkNet journal, and I hope to hear from you throughout the remainder of this pregnancy.

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