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Week 24 ~ February 10, 2005
~ Oh Boy!!

As promised in my journal introduction, I'm going to let you all know what sex baby we're having. I read somewhere that 75% of women that choose not to know the sex of their unborn children, correctly guess the sex of those children. I have to agree with that statistic wholeheartedly, and the alluded-to sentiment that there really is something to "mother's intuition." I knew with about 99% certainty what sex child we would be having with this pregnancy pretty much from the moment I found out my test results were positive.

We had an ultrasound at 12 weeks, during which the ultrasound technician thought she could identify the sex. Her visual assessment concurred with my emotional/physical assessment, even though my obstetrician assured me that there was no way the baby's sex could be determined that early. To my chagrin, he even chastised the sonographer for stepping outside the bounds of her experience by making a guess as to what we were having so early in the pregnancy. I told him it didn't really matter what he thought, since I already knew I was having a boy this time.

First: the emotional evidence that I was having a boy: My morning sickness was significantly worse than it had been with my first child, and despite normally having extremely clear skin, I had been breaking out worse than I had since my pre-teen years. Some things were the same with this pregnancy: I had a complete and total aversion to coffee. So much so, I couldn't have even the ground/dried (unbrewed version) of it in my house or even be around anyone with coffee breath. My other aversion was any kind of ground meat, which absolutely sent me packing. One day I had lunch with an old friend from college who ordered a hamburger and my revulsion was so obvious he switched his order. So, in summary, despite the differences, there were some similarities in this pregnancy, but not enough to make me doubt for more than a few minutes that I was having a boy. My last bit of emotional "proof" that I was having a boy is the fact that every single pregnant woman I have come into contact with in the last 6 months is pregnant with a boy. That there might be something in our local water has occurred to me more than once.

Now, the physical evidence: At our 16-week ultrasound, just before Christmas, we found out we were in fact having a boy. As I said, this wasn't much of a revelation to me since I was pretty sure of that fact already. The ultrasound has again confirmed the boy "parts" during our "big" 20-week anatomical ultrasound, and we're pretty confident we'll be welcoming a little brother for Norah come June.

Honestly though, all this discussion is not in any way an indication that we would not have completely welcomed, loved, and been thrilled about another little girl. Our daughter now is absolutely the light of our lives, and in my mind I could not imagine a more perfect child for us. So if, somehow, despite my emotional and physical evidence to the contrary, if we somehow wind up with a little girl, you can rest easy that both Tim and I will be absolutely tickled pink. First and foremost in our minds is the desire for a healthy baby, no matter what color we'll be painting the nursery. I hate to be melodramatic, but I cannot tell you how often Tim and I will look at each other, shake our heads, and say how lucky we are to have all that we have in her. And now - this guy too.

We had our 24-week doctor's appointment, and I had to have one last sonogram because at my 20-week ultrasound, there were a couple areas that the little boy refused to display (back of his neck and spinal area). So during my ultrasound, I discovered my little guy is currently in the breech position! Hopefully he'll be moving out of that soon!

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