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Week 25 ~ February 16, 2005
~ Into the Breech

My obstetrician appointment last week showed that the baby was in the breech position. If he doesn't turn, I'll be a c-section mommy. I am hoping that it is still early and that this guy will get with the program and turn! I am also seriously on the lookout for anything that'll get him to turn into the right position for a vaginal delivery. I know it's not really that big of a deal, since I'm only 25 weeks along, and there's easily a few months left that this little guy could turn head-down and we proceed with a vaginal delivery. Just a couple days ago, my girlfriend (who had her second child in December) told me her son was breech until 37 weeks, and then turned. She just had faith that he would get into the right position, and sure enough, he did. But - what pregnant woman, if given the chance to worry about something - isn't going to worry? Not one that I have met anyway. Everyone I know, who's pregnant or has had a baby, even people that have never had a baby are often consumed with worry about things outside their control. I'm not normally a big worrier, but why not me in this one instance?

I've been checking out websites and reading articles about getting the baby to turn. They suggest things like elevating my hips, which is intended to cause the baby some discomfort, and encouraging him to turn. They also suggest playing music or having Tim talk (or read aloud) near my pelvis; the sound of a familiar voice is supposed to stimulate him to turn. I've heard that getting down on all fours and rotating my hips encourages the baby to turn, I even heard that cold compresses at the top of the fundus will cause the baby to turn away from the cold and into the correct position. I'm really not ready to try anything too extreme yet because I do have a lot of time to effect a change, however, I did read an interesting article about moxibustion. It's an acupuncture technique where they burn mugwort near the mother's toes. The scent and sensation of the warmth is supposed to do something to turn the baby. It sounds crazy but I'm somehow strangely curious about how it really works. The websites I've seen claim a 75% success rate. But then again, if I believed every website I ever read, I could lose 30 pounds in 30 days, have an enormous chest, and read 5000 words per minute.

There's also the dreaded external version. I think that's what it's called anyway, minus the "dreaded" part. The gist of it is that it's performed in a hospital, just in case the whole thing goes awry and they need to perform an emergency c-section, right off the bat, not sounding like a good idea! The mother is given some drug to relax her uterus. And then the doctor (or team of doctors) manipulate the baby from outside (read: pressing down hard on the mother's stomach) to force him into position. That sounds the least desirable, and makes the burning mugwort near my feet sound not so weird after all. But, I keep reminding myself: I do have time, don't worry, it'll happen. That seems to be the refrain of most expectant mothers about any topic, doesn't it?

Other than that concern (which I really know is not that big of a deal) - things with me have been very good. The baby moves around a lot, I've only had indigestion a handful of times, and I feel great. My weight gain is about 12 lbs., which isn't bad considering I've eaten pretty much anything that caught my attention! My blood pressure is low, and my next doctor's appointment I'll be getting my shot of Rhogam (I'm Rh negative), and also have my blood glucose screening. I've heard other women say how gross they thought the orange drink was in the blood glucose test - not me! Orange soda, what could be better? I even found out that I'm immune to Fifth's Disease (which Norah recently had, and could cause a problem for previously unexposed pregnant women). All in all, a good, quiet week. And for the record, I think we're having an early spring, even better.

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