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Week 28 ~ March 9, 2005
~ I Fought the Law and I Won

This week, we return from a wonderful, two-week long vacation to Florida! We love swimming and playing in the warm weather, especially poor Norah who's been cooped up except for a few minor excursions basically since Thanksgiving due to bad weather. It's been awesome but it's always good to get home, sleep in your own bed again, and get reacquainted with familiar surroundings. Plus, I am hoping spring is near at hand, and it'll be the end of cold and snow for the season. I am also getting ready for an important OB appointment this coming week. I am Rh-, and I'll be getting my Rhogam shot this week. I also have my one-hour blood glucose screening. Both of these things I've had to do before, and they're really no big deal but I'm curious how the blood glucose will turn out nonetheless.

The Rhogam is really and truly no big deal. I have had it now four times, and this next week will be my fifth. The problem is that on occasion, my insurance has refused to cover it! If the shot is administered in the hospital, as it was during my first miscarriage and after I delivered Norah, it's completely covered (no co-pay). However, when I've received it in the doctor's office (2nd miscarriage, my 28-week appointment with Norah, and now next week) I have to pick it up from the pharmacy, pay a co-pay, bring it to the doctor's office, and have them administer it. My doctor's office doesn't stock it anymore because so few women need it (less than 10%), and they got stuck with the full payment of it because insurance companies refused to pay for it. I can't figure it out, unless it's because it's a "women's medicine" and doesn't get high priority or focus.

One time, my insurance refused to cover any portion of it when I picked it up from the pharmacy. I can't figure that out, because Rhogam is so crucial to someone like me delivering a healthy (and live) infant! If I don't get it, I'm going to have a miscarriage, a stillbirth, or a terribly ill baby who probably won't live very long after birth. Seems to me that $200 for the medication is $200 well spent. I called the insurance company the time they refused to cover it, and laid into them so well and so deep, the next time they didn't even question me, just paid and I don't even know if the co-pay was needed. So, hopefully they've gotten the message that 1. I'm not backing down, and 2. they need to be more responsive to women's needs, especially a hormonal mother-bear like me. I'll update you as to any battles between me and the insurance company. They don't know what they're in for.

I bought a squishy pillow to put between my legs, that's also long and thin and I can hug it to my belly and chest, providing support to my stomach now that it's getting a lot bigger. It's actually very helpful, and on the one or two nights I haven't used it recently, I've really missed it! I also put it behind my back sometimes so that I don't sleep directly on my back, but get the same feeling as sleeping on my back. It also works pretty well for propping up my chest and abdomen just enough so that a modified stomach sleep is possible. The strategies we women employ just to get a few hours of sleep!

Other than that, I'm anxiously awaiting the 3rd trimester, which begins this week. The time for our little boy's arrival is approaching and I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy has gone compared to my pregnancy with Norah. I need to pick out a crib set (Norah's was really feminine), decide which of two bedrooms we're going to put him in (the very small bedroom or the larger but cold-in-winter, warm-in-summer bedroom), sew a new bassinet liner, and hang up his clothes, get out the tub, infant car seat, etc. It's going to be a very busy spring!

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