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Week 29 ~ March 14, 2005
~ Rested, Refreshed, Ready to Roll!

Spring has sprung! We are back from Florida and back into our daily routine, and I am pleased to announce that the bad weather here seems to have broken in our absence. At least it's sunny today that is. But being an optimist, I am hoping this is the real deal and flowers will be showing up much sooner rather than later. And that means the baby is that much closer to arriving too!

Today I dropped off my Rhogam prescription at the pharmacy to have it filled in preparation for it to be administered by my doctor at this week's appointment. I handed it over to the pharmacist and with a gleam in my eye announced my work number if they had any trouble from my insurance company on covering the cost. I almost wish they will have a problem. Hahaha I feel up for a good fight now that I'm rested and ready to go after our vacation!

I noticed upon my return that my belly is significantly larger than it was when I left two weeks ago. I tried on my favorite (non-maternity) flannel jammies Friday night and they fit before I left, but are now just barely able to be pulled up over my hips. I am also feeling an elbow, knee, or foot on my right side. Whatever body part, in any event, it is something hard and sharp that is really stretching my stomach out in that area.

It was great to get away. However, while on vacation it wasn't all roses. On the first Sunday night, I was laying in bed watching tv when I realized I hadn't felt much movement from the baby all day. So I poked and prodded, drank some orange juice, ate sugary snacks and waited for the movement to begin. I was a little worried when I couldn't really garner much activity from him. One or two half-hearted kicks were all I got over the course of an hour or so. By Monday morning I confessed to my vacationing-with-me mother (Tim didn't join us until a few days into our trip due to work commitments) that I was getting a little panicked but really trying to keep a grip on myself. I wasn't ready to go to the hospital but I was at least entertaining the idea. She thought maybe he was just wedged into a tight spot and couldn't move, and to give it a few more hours before we went to the hospital. She has seven children and 20 grandchildren, so believe me, I take her word for just about anything baby- or pregnancy-related. By noon that day he had started to move a little, and by that night, it was a normal amount of movement, or even a little extra... so my fears have been put to rest. It's been regular to a lot of movement ever since so I am confident things are ok. I am even thinking that the baby may have turned himself out of the breech position there has been so much movement. Heck, he could have turned 5 times back and forth with the amount of movement I have had. But the few hours of fear were really stressful. And I have heard enough stories to scare me half to death. Luckily things are ok. But I'll be glad to get to the doctor this week and hear his heartbeat just to reassure myself further.

In other news, I have begun also feeling the baby's hiccupping, which I take as a good sign that he is continuing to prepare for birth. I read that the hiccups are a reflex intended to strengthen the baby's diaphragm in preparation for breathing on his own after delivery. Norah had the hiccups very often even after birth, so this little guy seems to be on track to emulate his big sister. Which would be great in my opinion because I think Norah is the best! I think the most delicious part of pregnancy is wondering what will be. It's so close and still so far away! Better than Christmas or any other kind of anticipation.

I hope to check in later this week to update you on my doctor's appointment as well as my ongoing battle with the insurance company. Thank you all for your concern and well wishes. I love getting your emails.

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