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Week 30 ~ March 21, 2005
~ An Opportunist and Her Choices

The news back from the insurance company front is no problem. I picked up my prescription without incident last Wednesday, had my glucose screen plus Rh antibody screen, and got my Rhogam shot on Friday. I was actually a little disappointed I didn't get to give someone at my health insurer a hard time! Even the pharmacy was thoroughly impressed that the prescription went through without incident. My blood glucose screening was the only hint of drama in the whole week, actually. My appointment was at 4pm on Wednesday. Around 3pm I unthinkingly ate two really large peanut butter cookies. Spread your fingers out wide and the size of your hand with fingers extended equals one of these cookies. And I ate two. Even better, I washed them down with a can of Pepsi. AND THEN I went and drank the super-sugar orange soda at the phlebotomist and had my blood drawn.

I was surprised to find out that my blood sugar came in at 132! Apparently 140 is considered the threshold for gestational diabetes. I am in the danger zone, but I'm not being referred for the 3-hour fasting screen, which I'm glad to hear. I don't think the nurse practitioner at my doctor's office really believed my completely true story about the cookies and soda, and she insisted on giving me a diabetic diet to follow, and reviewed the whole thing with me. I know I ate poorly on that day, leading directly up to my glucose test, which wasn't the smartest thing to do. I was supposed to eat a "normal" lunch and then not eat anything the rest of the afternoon. I am quite certain my blood glucose would have been a lot lower had I actually followed that advice, and I told all this to the nurse practitioner. But she counseled me about the diet anyway. Although I like her very much, I flat out told her there's no way I'm following a diabetic diet, but I will make better food choices in the future. I also pointed out that the things on the diet were not all that different from the things I eat on a regular basis anyway, and that the cookies and Pepsi were truly a rare thing. I don't even like soda all that much! I'm willing to bet my paycheck that if the glucose screen were repeated on a day during which I behaved myself nutritionally, I would be nowhere near the threshold.

Even thinking back, I'm more than a little grossed out that I could consume peanut butter cookies and Pepsi at the same time. But hey, a meeting broke up at my workplace, with leftovers readily available. What else was an opportunist like me supposed to do? Haha Honestly, our family eats out only about once per week, which I don't consider too bad, we almost never have fast food (about 2 times per year) and I cook a lot of fresh vegetables, meats, dairy, and homemade dishes on a daily basis. In my non-pregnant days I'm a disciple of the Weight Watchers Points method, and I really try to employ the balanced diet approach to my life regardless. So, the diabetic diet was basically what I'm doing now. Minus the mindless consumption of peanut butter cookies and Pepsi. Ugh. I'm actually embarrassed to admit to that!

We had a wedding shower on Saturday and a baby shower on Sunday for my sister-in-law and cousin-in-law this past weekend. It was a very busy weekend, and I'm actually glad to be back at work and into my regular routine. It was nice to hear all the compliments of family members that I am looking well after hearing how bad I am for my blood glucose.

In other news, I think I'm settled on a crib set for the new baby. I made Norah's, and it was very feminine and pretty, but also looked a little homemade. I'd be fine with the homemade look except for the lack of sturdiness in the bumpers, and I've decided to buy a masculine set this time. I'm thinking about a nautical theme.

Over the weekend, Tim and I also asked one of his cousins if she and her husband would be the new baby's godparents. She was so happy and honored, she cried a little. What a terrific response, and I'm so happy that she is so pleased! I come from an enormous Roman Catholic family, and neither of my sisters have any fewer than 5 godchildren, so one more wasn't going to give them the same sense of satisfaction. Tim's cousin really appreciated the thought and I know she will look after our little boy with love and happiness all his life. We are lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people. Hopefully we'll have the baby baptized in July, and he'll wear the same gown Norah wore when she was baptized. I had the gown's inside slip embroidered with Norah's name and christening date (at a bowling supply shop no less!), and we'll do the same thing for this baby. I think that will make a beautiful and unique family heirloom that hopefully they'll be able to use for their children and grandchildren.

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