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Week 31 ~ March 29, 2005
~ Just Roly-Poly-ing Along

I'm approaching 31 weeks, Easter is over, I finally found a dress for my sister-in-law's late April wedding, and I ordered a new crib set for the baby! First, the crib set features trains and not the nautical theme I had previously liked. Tim and I were both in the Army, and I couldn't see getting a Navy-theme for our son's bedroom. The trains are good neutral territory. Next: the wedding. I'm not actually in my sister-in-law's wedding itself, but since she's Tim's only sibling, I'm sure to be in a lot of pictures. The maternity dresses I found in New York, Massachusetts, and Florida looked awful on me, plus I thought the prices were ridiculous for the not-very-nice fabrics used in most of them, and not to mention the terrible return policies in just about every maternity store. What a scam these places have! Return in 10 days or less, to receive store credit only, no returns at all on sale items. The cheapskate in me rarely buys anything but sale items, so I'd be losing from the get-go! I have already bought two maternity formal dresses, one in an upscale maternity store, one from eBay, and I'll be selling them both on eBay in the near future because they're nowhere near as nice as the one I found last week.

I wanted to be able to return the dress, in case I find something even better, but to be honest, I'm so happy with the dress we finally found, I doubt I'll even be looking anymore. My mom and I hit upon the idea of trying a plus-sized shop. I'm normally about a size 8-10, and a size 16 looked just right on me in the plus-sized shop. The ladies in the shop were so nice! I wish I could shop there more; I liked them so much. My problem isn't really even my tummy (although growing rapidly), which is big but not my worst fashion feature. My big dilemma is how to cover up my enormous upper arms and chest when every dress seems to be a sheath? I look like I'm wearing a barrel with sausages sticking out of the arm-holes. The chest looks like one broad expanse of fabric. They're terrible! The dress I finally wound up buying is however a sheath with a small bolero jacket in navy blue, and I can't wait to wear it! It covers up the problem areas and looks youthful and dressy. Even my chest is camouflaged a little. Everything's looking up for me lately!

Today I updated my "baby" phone list, complete with names and numbers so we don't forget to call anyone after the baby's born. I'll keep that list folded in my purse just in case, although I really don't expect an early delivery. When Norah was born, Tim and I both were so overwhelmed; we completely forgot to call one of my sisters to share the news. She was more than a little hurt and it took a lot of apologies and tears to make it up to her. This time, that sister is first on the list to receive the phone call when our little boy makes his entrance, even before our two sets of parents. Although, I think my mom will have been tipped off to the baby's arrival since she's our daytime care-provider for Norah while I work, plus she's our nighttime call-in-reserve-force should I go into labor at 2am or some other God-awful hour.

My mom has some nerve deafness, so with that in mind, we've already discussed our middle-of-the-night-labor plan so that she'll be able to help us out with Norah. She's going to put her phone right next to her head at nighttime, starting in about mid-May, with the ringer turned up as high as it'll go, and we may even put a metal pie tin underneath just in case. She only lives about 3 miles away from our house, and she can be up and at our house in less than 15 minutes. We'll leave Norah asleep, and Tim and I will go to the hospital. Of course, a daytime labor will be a lot less dramatic, I'm sure. I could probably even drive myself to Tim's office and go on up to the hospital from there. Either way I'm not being induced, as I said in an earlier journal entry.

Heartburn has begun in earnest. Eating anything, spicy or not, sometimes not eating at all will bring it on. Oh! The joys of the third trimester are many. The old wives tale proved true with Norah, a lot of heartburn in pregnancy means a baby with a full head of hair. So we'll see if it also proves true with her little brother. I am beginning to get really excited about meeting him.

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