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Week 33 ~ April 14, 2005
~ Achy, complainy, and whiny

I am happy to report that I am recovering a little bit of sanity after last week's cellar debacle. I did put together the shelves in my cellar as promised last weekend, but I was so exhausted I'm still recovering from the effort. I currently have 6 separate racks of stainless steel shelves (assembled from a kit, even I could see in my madness that the lumber idea was certifiably insane) although they are currently bare and empty. This weekend I'm going to transfer all my stuff to them and finish the cellar transformation work I began. At least I'm keeping more of a lid on things. Reality intervened, and I didn't stay up till midnight on my shelving project.

So what else is new? I am getting really big. I can't bring myself to put my weight down on paper, but let me assure you it was a doozy. When I lay in bed on my right side, I can actually feel body parts protruding from my stomach and resting on the mattress. I am not sure if this is the baby's arms, legs, shoulders, or what. I just know that the time is approaching and space is at a premium for both mommy and baby. The baby's been quite active still, and I enjoy more than anything being in a meeting at work and my stomach tenant rooooooooollls over to stretch, oblivious to the meeting or coworkers. What an amazing feeling. I also had my last monthly maternity appointment this week. From now on, I'll be seeing the obstetrician once every two weeks! All seems to be progressing normally: my measurements are on track, heartbeat is strong, and the doctor confirmed the baby is in a "generally" head-down position. So it looks like a vaginal delivery! I am very happy and relieved to get that bit of news. I feel the vast majority of the baby's movement on my right side, so if he is in fact, head down, that means he's curled in the fetal position, back facing my left and arms and legs tucked in facing the right side.

In other news, I'm achy, complainy, and whiny. Poor Tim. He's got to listen to my grunts in the middle of the night as I strain to do something as simple as roll over and change sleeping positions. Then, half the time when I can't sleep because rolling over was such an extreme effort, he wakes up a little and keeps me company by talking for a few minutes. He helps me get out of bed each morning by giving me a hand and yanking me upright. He's been so awesome doing the dishes, helping with laundry, running around with Norah at night so I can rest after work. I'm really lucky to have him. He's picked up a lot of slack and I really appreciate that. You forget from pregnancy to pregnancy all the aches and pains you go through even before labor and delivery begin. There are the irritations of walking up a flight of stairs and then sounding as though your lungs are going to burst. My personal non-favorite late pregnancy activity is standing up to walk/stretch/use the rest room at work after having been seated for an hour or so. To see me hobble out the first few stiff steps is to laugh at my ungainliness. Even more hilarity ensues when it's the middle of the night and I need to visit the bathroom. The stiffness!

I hate being so negative and complaining all the time though. I try to remind myself that it is such a miracle what I'm experiencing, what our family is experiencing. Also, how very lucky we are to even be able to have a child in the first place. What an immense joy to be preparing the way for a new life to come into the world, and that's what I try to remind myself of when I get miserable and sick of being so large and uncomfortable. I'm so lucky to have the husband and child I have, to be having another so-far healthy child, what more could I possibly ask for? I think those kinds of thoughts and it's easy to be upbeat again. Until next week…..

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