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Week 36 ~ May 5, 2005
~ Complaints, Lamentations, and Mother's Day

This week I really noticed how ungainly and slowly I'm moving. I saw another pregnant woman "waddle" by me, and I thought to myself "at least I'm not doing that" as I was actually waddling by her. So my delusions were at least short-lived. I've also had a number of people ask me when I was due, which never happened to me in my pregnancy with Norah. I remember I was 8 1/2 months pregnant with her and a car salesman told me he hadn't noticed I was pregnant. Smart sales tactic or just a guy out to lunch? I don't know. I really wasn't that big with her though. With this one I've been told "you're all baby" and "it's all out front," several times, so maybe there's something to the old wives' tale that boys stick out farther, girls spread the weight around, making those pregancies less noticeable?

I've also begun packing my bag for the hospital. Wishful thinking I guess. I downloaded a list from a website, and I have it sitting on top of my pajamas and baby's going home outfit. That's all I've been able to muster together just yet. Refer back to paragraph #1, the slow moving train of thought.

We also celebrated Tim's sister's wedding this past weekend. It was a great day! Gorgeous weather, spring in full bloom, and Norah was the flower girl. She did a great job, even though Daddy held her hand as she walked down the aisle. Not bad for a not-quite-two-year-old. She also danced all night long at the reception, alone, with me, with Tim, with anyone who happened to stop by long enough! It was a hilarious sight! She was so amazing! I was busy keeping up with her, dancing, visiting, eating, and I paid the price the next day! My back was hurting me so much! Once again, Tim rose to the occasion and helped out loading the car for the drive home, carrying Norah every time she needed to be carried, getting me breakfast, and much much more. I've even seen the early pictures and even though I look big, I don't mind. It was a terrific day and I'm happy to have been able to participate.

In other exciting news, I purchased a full-body heating pad/massager. Tim's mom had one at their house that I used for several hours the day after the wedding when I was in such agony, and it made a huge difference with my back. So, I made a stop by Target the very next day! I also have been using my "Prenatal Cradle" a lot. It's basically a harness that supports your tummy and your back by dispersing the extra weight all over, but especially on your shoulders. It has been a terrific find, and although I was highly skeptical when my doctor recommended it to me, it has made an enormous difference. So, if you're suffering from sciatic pain - don't delay! I'm also planning on submitting a claim to my insurance company for it, so stay tuned if I can get them to pay for this too!!!

And now, my final gripe. Oh the heartburn! It wakes me up at night! It slows me down during the day! Tums don't touch it! It feels like someone took a power drill and is boring through my chest straight through to my back! Laying down, sitting up, it's there!

The things we women go through. As my mother keeps telling me though, it's not me that is important now. I am merely the house for this baby for the next 4-6 weeks, and my comfort really doesn't matter. So, as Mother's Day approaches this weekend, I guess this is yet one more way mother's earn their stripes. Happy Mother's Day ladies, you've earned it.

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