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Week 37 ~ May 12, 2005
~ Getting Underway!

Great news this week. Or at least, hopeful news. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday, which was supposed to be just my Strep B test. I haven't heard anything back on that, but it takes a while. While I was in the stirrups anyway, my doctor asked me, "Do you want me to check you?" and I enthusiastically said yes. The report back: I am 2cm dilated and 50% effaced! Woohoo!!! My cervix is "very thin" and the doctor said he had his fingers on the baby's head. I also think he was trying to rough up my membranes just a bit although he didn't say that's what he was doing, but it seemed like a pretty painful exam. Rougher than I remember when I was checked with Norah anyway.

I have been having what feels like very light menstrual cramps, so I know things are slowly getting underway. I guess they are just Braxton-Hicks contractions, but I am also excited that something is going on in there! I have officially 3 full weeks left until I'm at 40 although I've been planning all along that I would go 41-42 weeks before going into labor naturally. Wow, that might not be the case! Tim has been saying that he thinks I'm going to deliver during the month of May, and I was very dismissive, up until now that is. Also, the baby is definitely head-down so that means all systems go for a vaginal delivery! Good news all around.

That also means I really need to crack the whip around here. I still have to bring Norah's infant seat up from storage in the cellar, get the swing up and ready, etc. I also want to at least hang the baby's clothes in his bedroom so that will be done before he comes home. Currently most of them are in the bags I purchased them in, and sitting at standby. Wow! I thought I had a month left. I could have just days left. Come on, humor me. I COULD have a month left, but it's much more exciting to think I may only have days.

One bad spot: my doctor told me he'll be on vacation the first full week of June. Or attending a seminar, I can't remember. Well, he may not be here for me if I go into labor that week. He also does not share call with anyone, and he is the only obstetrician in his practice. I love the guy though. My response was that I very firmly told him I'm willing to take that chance and I do not want to be induced. I think he's a little frustrated with me in that regard, but I'm putting my foot down on this one. My induction with Norah was... how to describe it... fierce. And I don't want to repeat it. I also firmly believe that her induction at 39 weeks was before she was fully ready and mature enough to be born. Every doctor in the world will tell you "no way, you were full-term" but I don't believe it. Mother's intuition? As a consequence, Norah developed jaundice and had to be re-admitted to the hospital at 5 days old for 3 horrendous, horrible, heinous days. In hindsight, jaundice is an easily cured problem, but very was stressful and hard for me and Tim. Without a doubt I don't want to go through that again, and I won't. Because I'm going to wait for labor to begin naturally and that's that. I don't care if a I have a resident deliver me if my doctor's not around, I'm don't want to be induced.

So wish me luck! The pessimist inside says it'll still be a month. But who knows????

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