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Week 38 ~ May 19, 2005
~ Induction Blues

Another week, another appointment. I'm still 2cm dilated, but I've moved up to 80% effaced. I still have hope that our little boy may make an entrance in May, it's possible, but it's not probable. Like I told my doctor last week, I knew I could be walking around like this for a month! Since I am now 38 weeks, and I am fully prepared to go to 42 weeks, it really truly could be a month longer! Oh well, a healthy baby is the desired outcome, far more than my own comfort.

My doctor would really like to induce me. He offered to strip my membranes at next week's appointment (I'll actually be 38 weeks and 5 days at that time), but I am not interested. He also said if I haven't gone into labor by June 1st, we should consider a pitocin induction. I told him flat out that I don't want it, and I'm willing to take my chances with going into labor on my own or not while he is on vacation June 5th-10th. I'll even take a resident, if that's all I can get, but I don't want to be induced. The thing I love about my obstetrician is that he really does put his patients first, and he wants to be the one to physically be present to deliver my baby. So many doctors are only too happy to hand off delivery to whomever happens to be on call that day. Not my guy. He wants to be there because we've been through all this together up till now. But I'm bummed that he is so induction-happy. I am not backing down though, and Tim agrees with me. He hasn't been able to come to my last two appointments, but he'll go to next week's with me to back me up. We don't want this baby coming before he decides he's ready.

Why am I anti-induction? I was induced with Norah at 39 weeks. Actually it was 38 weeks, 6 days but who's counting 24 hours difference? Anyway, as I mentioned in a long-ago journal entry, that induction was something else. Fast and hard and not something I want to repeat. Not to mention that Norah developed jaundice at 5 days old bad enough to require her to be hospitalized for 3 days. They were an awful 3 days, and I am not interested in repeating them if I can avoid it in any way. I firmly believe she was born before she was fully ready to come out, and that her liver was still a little immature. I know that no doctor on the planet would agree with me given that babies are considered full-term after 37 weeks, but I really don't care.... I firmly believe that if she had another 1-2 weeks inside, she would not have had the jaundice. And, she would have breast-fed. Norah was not able to latch on for more than 1-2 minute intervals and I gave up after only 2 weeks in exhaustion, frustration, and tears. I made more than enough milk, that wasn't the problem, but she wasn't interested in getting it from my breast, only a bottle. I think the jaundice and the poor breastfeeding are connected, and I really think they are both symptoms of the early birth. So hence, my refusal to be induced with this baby.

All that being said, I have been doing a LOT of housework that may throw me into labor naturally. I scrubbed down our deck with soap, water, and a scrub brush. Plus I put out all our outdoor/summer patio furniture. I have also been hard at work finally getting the new baby's room ready. Cleaning out the closet, removing our off-season wardrobes from the dressers, going through Norah's old things for gender-neutral clothing that the new baby can wear, etc. In my spare time I'm also continuing to organize and clean out our cellar! So hopefully these Braxton-Hicks/menstrual cramps will kick into something real, and we can have this baby!

Wow, 38 weeks! This baby will be here in no time!

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