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Week 40 ~ June 2, 2005
~ Hanging in there

The 40th magical week. I can't believe it's finally here, although I CAN believe there's no baby yet. I had yet another appointment today, and all is well. It was a full-blown, detailed, no holds barred appointment. Checked for dilation (still 2cm, no change in effacement either), checked for leaking amniotic fluid (nope), checked via sonogram for fluid levels (A-OK), and on the fetal heart monitor for a non-stress test (super duper there too).

And I'm still waiting, and hanging in there. Really, it's ok. It's uncomfortable. I'm big, I'm grouchy by the end of the day, but it's nothing a cold shower can't cure. Yes, summer is here, and it's been quite warm (I'm sure made worse by my enormity), so the cold shower is terrific.

June 4th is the actual due date, and I'm pretty sure I have another week or more to be pregnant, which is fine. We are looking for a healthy baby, and I am willing to wait this one out. Wish me luck!

Sorry for the short journal entry, however I am writing this in the evening, post-cold-shower, and it's time to relax. I have to jump on it while I can!

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