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Robin's Pregnancy Journal
Robin and Kevin StorkNet is pleased to bring you Robin's Pregnancy Journal.

Robin (25) is an Army wife to Kevin (24). Kevin was deployed in Iraq for half of Robin's pregnancy but home to witness the birth of their first child, Jameson, on April 4, 2006.

Robin's Journal Entries


Meet Robin

Week 6
Expectant Army Wife

Week 7
Baby? Where?

Week 8
Last Week in Michigan

Week 9/10
Bump, Bump, Bump

Week 11
The ? and DOWNS of Pregnancy

Week 12
Last of the First Trimester

Week 13
Sick and Tired

Week 14
What is it?!

Week 15
Finally, some rest!

Week 16
All Is Well

Week 17
One Month to Go!

Week 18
Welcome Home Charlie Company!

Week 19
Hello Delilah!

Week 20
It's half way baked!

Week 21
Happy Turkey Day!

Week 22
Knock Me Out 'Til April

Week 23
Still an Innie

Week 24
Only HOURS away now!

Week 25
Kevin's Home!

Week 26
The Official Ultrasound

Week 27
Happy New Year!

Week 28
Happy Birthday to Us!

Week 29
Third Trimester

Week 30
Belly Pic

Week 31
I Can Breathe!

Week 32
Happy Valentine's Day!

Week 33
I Have the OK to Push

Week 34
You Look Ready to Pop!

Week 35
Breech Baby?

Week 36

Week 37
C-Section or Version?

Week 38
C-Section Decision

Week 39
Here We Go!

Birth Story
He's Here!

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