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Jameson Armstrong Kinnelly
April 4, 2006 @ 8:41am
7lbs 3oz, 20.5 inches

JamesonWe are very proud to announce the arrival of our son, Jameson. His delivery went well, text book really. He never did flip to a head-down position so we went ahead with the planned c-section. As it turned out, he was Frank breech, meaning that he was literally bent in half - ankles to ears. I don't think he ever would have moved from this position even if we had opted to try to external version.

His name was finally decided upon the day after his birth. It came down to Jameson or Channing. I thought that once we saw him a name would just stick, but no such luck. It's hard to give a baby a strong, sturdy name when they look so darn cute! Channing was just too sweet, knowing he has our genes and all So Jameson it is!! Not James or Jamie though - only if he chooses to go by these when he gets older, but we hope not! Armstrong (Scottish) is a name from my side of the family, dating back past the Mayflower. This name was decided on months and months ago. It's my Dad's middle name and my Grandma's maiden name, and then obviously goes back quite a ways from there.

Here goes my longest journal of these 40 weeks ~

We left for the hospital shortly after 6am. I was prepped and ready for surgery by 8am. Getting the spinal was probably the worst part of it all. The actual needle and shot didn't hurt but the doctor who kept pressure on my head, forcing it down so I would keep my spine round, made my neck sore for a few days. Once I was nice and drugged up, all I wanted to do was sleep. I vaguely remember the delivery. The whole thing seemed like more of an out-of-body experience than something I actually lived through. Kevin tried to video tape what little he could but there wasn't much to look at from our side of the blue sheet except for my head. The doctor didn't hold up Jameson before passing him off to the nurses so it was a few minutes that we had to wait to see him, but I'm pretty sure that the whole hospital heard his healthy cry! He was given a 9 and 10 on his APGAR scores. Despite being in a slightly funky position, he was (and still is) as healthy as can be.

The whole surgery took only 37 minutes and everyone in the OR said they were very impressed with the doctor's work. He's new to our hospital, taking over for another OB who is on maternity leave. It wasn't until today, one week later, that I finally worked up the courage to look at my incision. I am so surprised! Once I'm fully healed, I really don't know that much of a scar will even remain! From Kevin's looks of disgust in the hospital, I assumed that it was pretty bad and he even told me not to look at it right away. Apparently that's just because I had showered at the time and I was pretty bloody and bruised. He had no idea what to expect, but I'm sure it wasn't what he saw!

birthI was up and around, walking that afternoon. I am still trying to take it as easy as possible, of course, but I feel fabulous. You would never guess I had surgery seven days ago. I was released from the hospital the day after Jameson's birth, which was early since you're supposed to stay at least 48 hours. I know, everyone told me to stay as long as possible, take advantage of the help, but I just wanted out! At first Kevin wasn't happy that, not only did I want to leave the hospital, but also that the doctor was letting me go. Once we were home though and saw that I was really ok, just slow moving, he was ok with it.

I was dehydrated for nearly all of my pregnancy so once they hooked me up to the IV, I ballooned! I have never felt so uncomfortable in my life and I felt bad for complaining because I know that most women have water retention throughout their third trimester. I didn't even get the really big belly! The day before my surgery someone asked me how far along I was, "seven, eight months?" Jameson came only a week early! I did end up getting some stretch marks below my belly. Actually, since I haven't seen below my belly button in months, they could have been there longer than I knew about. I noticed them at about 36 weeks. They are so faint though.

I was given pain meds, but honestly, the Advil does more for me than the pills the doctor gave me. I take them only when I know I can sleep for a few hours because they'll knock me out. That's where Kevin comes in handy He has been wonderful - beyond my expectations. He completely took charge when I first came home from the hospital. He even went on a rampage to clean the house before my Mom arrived from Michigan. I think he's the only one who really experienced that nesting feeling.

Daddy and babyNow we're taking turns on the night shift. Jameson is the calmest baby I've ever heard about. Most nights he is wonderful. He's a great eater and an even better sleeper. Really, the louder we are or the tv is, the better he seems to sleep! I'm horrible at changing diapers, Kevin is a pro and he's never even done it before. When I lay Jameson down in his crib, he'll be up within the hour. When Kevin does it, he'll be asleep for at least 3.

I really don't have any complaints about these early days of motherhood. Everyone is getting enough sleep, no headaches, and every day we find a new reason to fall deeper in love with Jameson. If I complain at all, it's mainly just so I can get Kevin to do something for me All-in-all, we are overjoyed. He was definitely the best 'surprise' we have even gotten. We kept saying that had we planned this pregnancy, we would have waited a few years, but if we had to go back nine months and choose, knowing what we know now - there's no way we would postpone this. I hope that sounds as loving and sincere as I'm meaning it to be . . . some things just can't be expressed in words.

We are spending as much time as possible together before Kevin has to return to work. Not only that, but it will only be a matter of time (as soon as next winter) before he is deployed again. The thought just makes me heart stop and I pray that it will never really happen, but it's always in the back of my mind. If the time ever comes again and Kevin comes home for those two weeks of leave in the middle of that deployment, we will definitely be using several forms of birth control this time around! As much as we are completely in love with our new son, we are in no rush to do it again! With 2 deployments in less than 3 years and while moving around the country, we need to slow down and just try to enjoy life.


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