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Robin's Pregnancy Journal

~ Meet Robin

Robin and KevinHey everyone! I'm Robin, 24, and I've been an Army Wife to Kevin, 23, for just over a year. We signed our marriage certificate in 2004 but we had to postpone the wedding ceremony because we moved to Fort Wainwright, Alaska and my husband was deployed in January of 2005. He was home in July for our first anniversary which explains how I am now pregnant!

This is not only the first child for us, but also the first grandchild for both sides of our families. I was completely shocked when the home pregnancy tests were showing positives. I didn't suspect being pregnant until I was working up a sweat vacuuming the living room floor?! Hot flashes were new to me. I immediately went to the store to buy 2 tests. Kevin called that night so I told him the news. I was convinced I had done the tests wrong or the positive line was so faint that 'it could go either way'. So the next day I bought 3 more test, got 3 more positives and sat in my bathroom to cry for about 3 hours until Kevin called again. We still refused to believe the results until a doctor confirmed it. The next day I learned that it was true.

I know it should be a very exciting moment and I know there is a part of me that is warming up to the idea of being a Mommy. This is a role I never wanted or even saw myself living, but knowing that I will always have a piece of my husband with me while he's deployed creates a feeling I could never express in words. The excitement and the maternal feelings will come.

Anyone who knows anything about the military knows that dates always change. Kevin will hopefully be home in December... we'll see. He's very excited and I can tell he's nervous - so we're opposite right now but the balance is keeping us both sane. He loves to spend money and now he has another reason to do it! I expect that once he comes home and I can have the reassuring hug from my husband to let me know everything is okay and he'll be here for me, I will feel much better.

I hate that I wasn't able to see the look on his face when I told him he would be a Daddy for the first time. I'm glad he'll be here for the birth (as we know now) but I would have loved to have shared the initial moment with him too. Being an Army Wife is a job all in itself. To become a Mommy on top of that is where the overwhelming feeling comes from. I am so proud of my husband for what he does for our family and our country. I am married to the love of my life and this is where I will draw the strength and courage to make it through this pregnancy, alone if I have to.

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