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Week 11 ~ September 20, 2005
~ The ? and DOWNS of Pregnancy

Luckily the weeks seem to be going by a little faster now. School is keeping me extremely busy and I don't notice the time so much anymore, but it's flying by. I should actually be studying right now instead of updating my journal but if I miss another week then I'll get phone calls and emails of people wondering if I'm ok!

I'm fine as long as I don't have to take my prenatal vitamins! I'd rather have the flu, at least then I know for sure I'll get sick instead of spending time just being nauseous. I haven't been a faithful pill taker because even the thought of them makes me feel ill. I did order Promise Start Vitamins - Stage Two, specifically for the second trimester. Hopefully they will work a little better for me.

Other than my pills, I have new feelings going on in my throat and esophagus. The definition of acid reflux matches how I feel pretty well but I swear that not even a whole bottle of Tums would help me. I guess it's very similar to heartburn but I don't have a burning feeling or sensation, I just feel like I could breathe fire.

As of now, and this is where I'll jinx myself, I'm hardly showing and nowhere near wearing my maternity clothes. In the past few months I gained only 4 lbs and have now lost 2 of those. I choose to eat well, with the occasional slip of McDonalds for breakfast because when I'm hungry, I'm starving! Breakfast is the hardest meal of the day for me because if I don't eat as soon as I wake up then I feel nauseous from an empty stomach. The worst part is that nothing ever sounds good in the morning. I just wake up without an appetite. I don't have any cravings yet either, not out of the ordinary anyway. I can give you a whole list of foods I no longer like though! Pickles are topping that list too. I have LOVED pickles ever since I can remember and now I don't even want to see them.

I've noticed that some days I get a little more emotional than others. I don't mind the mood swings so much because there's no one here to take them out on. If I start feeling angry for no reason, I usually clean something because it'll keep me busy. There have been times lately when I've actually emailed my husband to tell him not to call me, or if he does then it's at his own risk. If I'm not happy, no one will be happy. Of course I love him very much but I'd rather warn him before he calls and gets an earful from me for no reason. He knows my class schedule so if he plans on calling, he'll know when I'll be home. He also won't call me if he thinks I'm sleeping because waking me up would be a huge mistake on his part! He did it twice last month and hung up on me both times. I deserved it. We actually used to joke that if I ever did get pregnant, maybe I'd become nicer instead of becoming an even bigger brat... wishful thinking.

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