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Robin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 12 ~ September 28, 2005
~ Last of the First Trimester

About 6 weeks ago I remember people telling me I was pretty lucky not to have much morning sickness. Some people even told me that if I didn't have it then, I wouldn't have it at all. Even in those wonderful pregnancy books that I've been reading, women usually feel better as they progress into this next stage of pregnancy. Lies, all lies. The further along I get, the worse it gets. I think I've missed more classes than I've actually been to so far this semester. When I'm not missing class I'm missing out on good study time because when I'm home I'm napping on the bathroom floor. My poor puppy just lies next to me and whimpers. For only being one and a hyper-active Dalmatian, she's been acting like a little angel lately. There have only been a few times that I've threatened to sell her but we all know that would never happen... I'd sell my husband before my sweet Bailey.

Speaking of the hubby, it's still up in the air as to when he's coming home. The wives were told we're within 100 days of their arrival. Then it changed to "about" 100 days, which means no one has any idea. I talk to him nearly every day (he's allowed to call again since my mood has decided to swing the other way). He saw the picture of the ultrasound that I emailed him but just as I thought, he had no clue what he was looking at. I also sent him one in the mail with post-it arrows pointing to the head and the body of the baby. I'm hoping it will make more sense to him that way. I know he was so excited to finally see the picture and then to not know what he's looking at... kinda frustrating. He hasn't heard the heartbeat yet. I video taped it but I'm waiting for a computer part so I can transfer it to my laptop, and then email it. Hearing the heartbeat didn't do much for me. It was definitely reassuring but I didn't feel an instant connection or bond with the baby that a lot of women talk about. I think it will mean a lot more to Kevin because he's more of the emotional one when it comes to all the baby stuff. When we go shopping for the first time, I'll be the one pushing the cart while he's ooooooing and aaaaaaing over everything and tossing it all in.

My maternity clothes are still hanging neatly in the closet. I tried some pants on the other day and they are huge! They stay up better now that my waist is a little bigger but they're too big everywhere else. So I've sent my Mom on another maternity run. Maybe by the time she sends some new clothes out to me I'll be ready to wear them. My bump is no bigger than it was two weeks ago when I posted some pictures. I'll be happy if I can make it through the holidays in my regular clothes. Kevin will have a better chance of recognizing me when he comes home if I look similar to how I did when he left in July!

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