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Robin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 13 ~ October 3, 2005
~ Sick and Tired

The first week of my second trimester... I was miserable. I spent most of the week trying to catch some sleep on the bathroom floor. I have no clue what's going on in most of my classes because I missed them. I'm not even half way through this pregnancy and already I'm ready for it to be over. I got some new nausea pills from the doctor. They definitely help but they knock me out too. I'm overly tired as it is but once the pills wear off then I'm wired! This usually happens in the middle of the night too, making my mornings pretty rough. When does the fun stuff start?

I'm still not in any maternity clothes or gaining any weight. My new prenatal vitamins don't make me sick so I know that despite being ill, the baby is getting what it needs. It's more frustrating that anything, to be so sick all the time. The worse I feel, the more stressed I get because I do have a pretty demanding school schedule.

I started buying diapers for the baby. I figured it would be better to try and stock up a little bit now so we're not hit with too many expenses right after the birth. If I see any cute baby clothes while I'm shopping, I'll pick something up. I'm not too gun-ho on shopping for the baby right now because I want my husband to be a part of as much as possible. He's discovering that some of his favorite designers, like Ecko, make baby clothes too. Now they can wear matching hoodies. He's positive that we're having a boy. I can't imagine him being the father of a daughter either... which means that we'll probably have a girl because it would completely catch us off guard. I'm not a fan of pink, flowery, or frilly things so having a girl would be interesting. She would still wear a lot of blue because it's our favorite color.

My sinuses have finally started to feel a bit better. For the past few weeks I've been really congested. Taking Sudafed or Dayquil helped only a little. I'm noticing though that the further along I get, the better it becomes. Sometimes I wake myself up at night with my loud breathing but, as far as I know, I haven't gotten so bad that I've snored. Hopefully I'll start doing that when Kevin comes home so we can compete, see who can wake the other one up first.

I haven't done much exercising lately. I was doing a lot of Pilates before I became pregnant. My plan is to go up to the gym here on the Army post and see if they have any classes specifically for pregnant women. If not then I'm sure I can take a water aerobics class. I say this now but just wait to see if I actually do it!

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