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Week 15 ~ October 18, 2005
~ Finally, some rest!

It was a much better week, once I made it through the mornings. If I have to wake up for school, those are the mornings (conveniently) that I end up on the bathroom floor. Weekends are great because I can sleep and just wake up whenever I want - or when the puppy decides that I've slept long enough and she's ready to play. It's been snowing all week so I'm quite content to stay here the in the warm house.

We're finally getting down to the end of this deployment. As of this week, soldiers from Kevin's unit are starting to come home. Unfortunately, his company is the last group to come home so we're still looking at December (hopefully) for his homecoming. It's nice to see all the 'Welcome Home' banners go up for his unit, makes it feel like there's finally a light at the end of this tunnel. I'm happy that one of our good friends is coming home within the next couple of weeks. Not only will I have someone to go get food for me but I'll have someone to keep me company at the welcome home ceremony when Kevin finally comes home. I definitely want to have pictures since he'll be seeing my belly for the first time - if I actually get a belly by then.

It's slow growing but Kevin tells me not to worry, "I'm sure you'll blow up soon." I'll go to sleep with a flat stomach one night and wake up with a bump so big I can't see my feet. I don't think I'm feeling the baby yet. There have been a few nights lately that I've had a slightly uncomfortable feeling. It doesn't hurt but it's more than a tickle so I'll have to ask the doctor what's going on down there.

My next appointment is coming up next week. I don't have any concerns at this point or any major questions. I'm pretty sure the midwife will do an ultrasound. I hope the baby looks a little clearer this time so Kevin can actually distinguish it from the rest of my body. The doctor who did it the first time didn't freeze frame at the ideal time but I wasn't scheduled to have an ultrasound either - and still not quite sure why he was so determined to do it since I only went in to get a prescription - but I can't complain too much because at least I have baby's first picture already!

Overall, it's been a pretty dull week. I'm glad the morning sickness has eased up some. I'm still fighting the cold I've had for weeks but even that seems to be better. I do believe I had my first real craving tonight though, corn bread. Unfortunately I can't do anything about it. Fairbanks is going to be a horrible place to live when it comes eating what I want because we have virtually no restaurant selection! I asked my Dad to go get me some cornbread from a restaurant back in Michigan and over night it to me... still waiting for that package!

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