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Week 16 ~ October 24, 2005
~ All Is Well

I started out the week with a trip to the doctor's office for my congestion. As it turned out I had a sinus infection so I'm on a couple different meds for that, including an antibiotic. Just as that started to get better I noticed a funny feeling in my belly. It felt like a constant tickle with a little extra pressure on my bladder. I just figured that since my stomach is still pretty flat then the baby must be getting a little squished and I could feel it more. Since I started taking the antibiotic it seems to have gotten better so chances are it was a bladder infection. Apparently then I haven't felt the baby move yet. The only other feeling I've had is a slight twinge of discomfort every now and then in my lower abdomen which is probably just the muscles and ligaments beginning to stretch.

I had my 16 week check up today and even though my belly is still pretty flat, the baby is doing well. The heartbeat was at a healthy 147. Unfortunately there was nothing interesting to video tape for Kevin. At this visit they just took some blood for the Triple Screening tests. No news is good news (as it always goes being a military wife). If I don't hear from the midwife in two weeks then I'll call her just to make sure everything is normal with the baby. I don't expect the results to be anything out of the ordinary because nothing their checking for runs in our family, but I'll just have to wait and find out for sure!

I should get an ultrasound done around week 20, November 21. I may put it off a few weeks because Kevin is still due home around December. Since this is the only ultrasound I will have from now on, assuming all goes well with the Triple Screening, I would love for him to be a part of it with me. It's really hard to get appointments though because our doctors get deployed at random times. If I have to do it without my husband then so be it... this is why I bought the video camera anyway!

I got the Wendy Bellisimo crib set that I wanted! It was a gift from my parents and I love it. Other than a bunch of clothes and a couple packs of diapers, it's all I have for the baby so far. Our nursery will officially have vintage fire trucks and Dalmatians - so what if we have a girl? Girls can be fire fighters too! Although, according to the Chinese conception calendar, we're having a boy so maybe I won't have to justify our nursery choice to anyone in a few months!

Robin at 16 weeks
Here's the latest belly picture at 15 week 6 days. You can refer back to my Week 10 post to see the first belly picture I posted... but what's the point? It hasn't grown any! So far I've only gained 6.6 pounds and am still wearing the same clothes as always. Good thing I kept all the tags on my maternity clothes, just in case my belly never pops!

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