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Week 19 ~ November 13
~ Hello Delilah!

We have a new puppy in the house! Delilah (Lilah) is our 8 week old "Dalmatian". That's what she was listed as at the shelter but after talking to a breeder at a local pet store, she says that Lilah is an English Setter. Either way, she is adorable and a breeze to care for. Unfortunately she will need surgery on her eyes when she is six months old. She was born with an eye lid problem that will need to be corrected. You wouldn't know that anything is wrong with her just by looking but it can cause her pain in the future if it's not taken care of.

My figure is definitely gone and in my most recent belly pictures there is more of a bump than before. I'm not noticeably pregnant yet but I am getting wider, from front to back. I stopped wearing my regular clothes because they sit too snug on my uterus and it gets very annoying. My maternity clothes still feel like they're falling off but I'm hoping that once my belly gets bigger then my pants will stay up better. I don't leave my house much anyway these days, with the temperatures below zero already and no classes to go to, so I'm really not worried about how my clothes fit.

I still haven't heard any definite dates for Kevin's homecoming. He should be here in about 3 weeks. I have a meeting to go to on Tuesday so I should know more then. I'm really excited to see him but also really nervous. For the first time in seven years we will finally be able to officially start our lives together without interruptions. After high school our friendship was always long distance because he joined the Army. Even in the past year that we've been married it's been long distance because of another deployment. I'm anxious to have him home and not have to say good bye to him again in a few months.

Today was a sick day for me. It still seems that every third day is a rotten one. My midwife said I could take my Sudafed or cold medicine as I needed it but I just don't feel right about taking it every single day. I've taken it enough to know that it will not rid me of my symptoms for long. My cold may be gone but my sinuses are still giving me problems and probably will until after the baby comes.

I don't have any cravings to speak of. Every now and then I'll be in the mood for something but rarely do I ever eat it. I do try to watch what I eat so I don't keep any sweets or chocolate in the house. A treat for me would be a sugar-free popsicle or jell-o. I haven't gained much weight yet. I was up to 6.6 lbs a couple weeks ago and I know I'm not much past that, if at all.

Here's a picture of our new addition to the family, Lilah!

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