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Robin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 20 ~ November 20
~ It's half way baked!

After just completing my 20th week of pregnancy, I am now officially half way there. I am still not noticeably pregnant looking but I am definitely not slim any more. I just look like I've packed on a few pounds (which is beyond aggravating). My maternity clothes are too big but my regular clothes are too small. I hope I move out of this phase quickly because if Kevin sees me this way he may think the pregnancy was just a story I created to cover up some weight gain!

I attended another meeting for Kevin's unit this week, hoping to find out when he'll be home. It amazes how people still don't seem to know what's going on when the guys are supposed to be home in about a month. It seems like people are just making this whole redeployment plan so much more complicated than it really needs to be. I think the only reason they mentioned dates to us at all is because they knew that us wives wouldn't put up with 'I don't know' any longer. Now we are being told that Kevin's company will be coming home in three different groups, but to which group each soldier is assigned has yet to be determined. They hope to have the last group out of Iraq by December 17th and home by Christmas. Knowing our luck, this will be Kevin's and I'll have to welcome him home at 11:59 on Christmas Eve.

Morning sickness kicked my butt at the most inopportune time this week. I had to take our new puppy to the vet to get spayed. It was literally the ONLY thing I had to do this week (I know, that's so sad). I felt great all morning and even after initially arriving at the animal clinic. Unfortunately, the second the doctor walked into the exam room, I just lost it…almost. I went from feeling fine to hot and clammy in a matter of seconds. The doctor must have thought I was a nut because all of a sudden I'm ripping off my scarf, coat and sweatshirt. As soon as he asked if I had any questions, I couldn't say no fast enough and I was out the door, down the hall and barely had time to lock the bathroom door before round 1 began. Oh it was such a fun day.

This next week I have another appointment to look forward to. I think it will be just as boring as the last, minus the blood work. I did make an ultrasound appointment for the end of December. I'm hoping that by then Kevin will be home and can come with me. I still haven't felt any movement from the baby so it looks like I have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks!

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