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Week 22 ~ December 5, 2005
~ Knock Me Out 'Til April

I feel like I'm back in my first trimester again - constantly nauseous! I haven't decided if this is better than actually getting sick all the time. It seems like when I'm going through one of these phases, the other always sounds better. At least after spending a few minutes heaving there was always a few minutes of relief to follow. The only times of the day when I feel great are when I'm sleeping. Luckily, with two dogs (one being only about three months old), we get to take a lot of naps. Unfortunately I feel like I need more than an hour or two here and there. I just want to be knocked out for . . . oh about the next 4 months!

I haven't had any new cravings to speak of. There was a night when I almost cried because there wasn't any candy in the house to eat. Not one of my prettiest moments. It was Thanksgiving night too so I couldn't just go out and buy some Skittles. I ate a Nutrigrain bar instead and went to sleep. Overall it has just been hard to try and find foods that agree with my tummy. I have more aversions than anything. I do know that I will never again be able to eat Lucky Charms! Let's just say that when it all gets mixed together in your stomach it turns a nasty shade of green. There is something everyone wanted to know! Ugh, I'm having flashbacks . . .

I started to notice little kicks from the baby. From the reactions I have gotten from people, I've learned that this is a bigger deal than I thought. It's supposed to happen, we all expected it, why is it such a surprise when I tell people? One more thing I can check off my list. Why does the baby decide to kick only when I've finally gotten comfortable and cozy in bed for the night? Never while I'm wide awake watching tv. Well that was usually the time of night when I found it most convenient to annoy my Mom for the past 24 years too.

I'm not noticing my belly getting any bigger. I'm sure it is but it's happening very slowly. I'm stretching out all of my regular shirts because my maternity shirts look enormous on me! I don't want to go out and buy a bunch of new clothes to wear for just a few weeks. If I have to buy new clothes after the baby to replace the ones I'm stretching out now . . .well I can live with that!

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