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Week 23 ~ December 11, 2005
~ Still an Innie

Another week down and only 17 to go! Sounds like a pretty bum deal if you ask me. Everything is going so slowly! I can feel that my uterus is not just below my belly button, which is still very much an innie. My pregnancy calendar said that by now my uterus should be about an inch and a half above my navel. Apparently the baby is taking after Kevin already . . . severe lack of motivation to get anything done - in this case, grow! On the other hand, I guess we have a good chance of the baby arriving either early or right on time because Kevin isn't usually late for anything.

It seems that while the rest of the country has spent the week freezing, we've had a heat wave here in Fairbanks. It was actually up into the 30s this week! That's sweatshirt weather! I had to turn the heat down in the house because it was getting to feel like a sauna in here! It doesn't help that my body temperature is just naturally higher now that I'm pregnant. That only seems to bother me at night when I'm trying to sleep. I can't find a happy medium between too hot and too cold. Normally I prefer to sleep in the cold because I can curl up with one of my puppies to keep warm (yes I'm so used to sleeping alone that I didn't even think to say my husband), but there's no way I can risk getting even more sick than I have been for the past few months. When the baby isn't trying to control my body, my sinuses definitely are. I don't even remember what it feels like to be normal . . . to not feel sick or nauseous at all. Those were the days!

The only highlight of this past week was that my parents bought their plane tickets for April. If all goes well, they should be here for the birth of their new grandbaby. Last time I saw them my belly was still completely flat. I send them pictures every couple of weeks so they can keep track of my growth but that'll be nothing compared to the real thing when they get here!

Actually, I'm debating whether or not to fly back to Michigan sometime early next year to get some wedding details planned and to have a baby shower. Kevin and I always thought I would go back to help plan the wedding anyway, but the idea seemed to have taken a back seat once the news of a baby came about. It's not looking like we'll get as much baby stuff for Christmas as I was anticipating. Only a couple of things have been purchased off of my registry. So the idea of going home and letting my Mom throw me a shower is sounding better and better.

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