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Week 24 ~ December 18, 2005
~ Only HOURS away now!

This week, I'm happy to announce that I am within only hours of reuniting with Kevin! By the time this gets posted and you all read it, he will be home! After picking him up, I plan on bringing him here, giving him a kiss goodnight and leaving him on his own to watch the dogs so I can finally lapse into a coma.

I'm very excited that he will be here for the ultrasound on December 29. I really didn't want to do it without him because he has his heart set on being there for it. Maybe he'll be able to come with me to my 24 week check up. It's scheduled for Monday afternoon, but he doesn't get in to town until evening. I'm hoping I can reschedule the appointment for later in the week. If not, it's not really a big deal. The appointment will be boring. I just thought it would be fun for Kevin to hear the heartbeat so soon after coming home.

In the hours leading up to his homecoming I'm trying to clean up the house a little. I don't want to do too good of a job because then he might expect it all the time! I already warned him that there are some things I just can't do anymore. Actually, it's more of me not wanting to do some things around here anymore, but he doesn't need to know that right now. It's not like he'll ever know how it feels to be pregnant so I intend to milk the situation for all it's worth until this kid is born!

At this point, I'm still hoping that I feel well enough to even go to the homecoming tomorrow. My head feels like a volcano that could explode from the pressure at any moment - but won't because that would actually make me feel better! I think it's hilarious that people say to me that I'll feel better once Kevin comes home. Is he going to magically take away all of my sinus pressure? Stop the random morning sickness? I'm not even sure that he will be able to handle the dogs long enough for me to get some good rest! He's already told me that he'll leave Bailey here with me and take the puppy over to a friend's house. I wonder what he'll do with the baby . . .

As far as the baby goes this week, not much has happened. I have been getting really bad pains in my lower abdomen. They're not bad enough for me to rush to the hospital and I did have a non-baby related appointment, conveniently with my OB, this week so I just talked to him about it. We think it is just my muscles and ligaments stretching . . . why did I have to work out so hard all those years!? It feels like the baby is latching on to my abs and is just trying to rip them apart to make more room in there! By far, it's not the worst pain I've ever had but it sure is new to me. It's actually really nice to have the pain in my stomach than it is in my back . . . but that's for a whoooooole other journal.

24 weeks

Here's the latest belly pic taken at 23 weeks 0 days. I'm not as big as I expected to be at this point. It seems like, compared to other pictures I have seen, that my bump is still on the small side. It surprises me how something so little can kick so hard! I didn't get the butterflies that some women talk about earlier in my pregnancy. I went to bed one night and all of a sudden - WHACK - right in the middle of my lower belly! This baby has attitude just like me!

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