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Robin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 25 ~ December 29, 2005
~ Kevin's Home!

You were all wrong once again. Kevin has been home for over a week and I definitely don't feel any better. Actually, the second night he was here I felt worse and ended up sleeping on the couch in the living room. The heat that two dogs can create in that bed is usually enough to drive me crazy at night. Sleeping next to Kevin is like having a heating pad next to me that's on a high setting. It's unbearable at times. Being pregnant has only made it worse. We have a huge bed too so you would think there would be plenty of room for all of us!

My congestion has gotten worse but also a little better, if that's possible. I have more of it, but I can successfully blow my nose now to relieve some of that pressure. This means that I'm not getting as sick from it as before since I don't have a lot of unnecessary draining into my stomach. But I am having more aversions to all sorts of food. Probably because I'm eating a bunch of different things now that Kevin is home to cook for me. Seems like all of my favorite meals are those that cause me to be ill.

He was finally able to feel the baby kick. Every night since he's been home I've put his hand on my belly when the baby wakes up at night but it's been uncooperative. Then last night Kevin felt a huge whack right below my belly button. His reaction was, "Awwww!" It didn't feel as cute to me, I swear my whole stomach shook.

Normally I type my journals on Sundays but since Christmas was this past weekend I am writing a little late. It never did feel like a holiday because we weren't with our families. Since we couldn't see what we were missing back at home, I think it was easier to be away than it was for our families to be missing us. Kevin did make a great meal for me and another couple we had over that evening. My favorite part of the day was opening our gifts, of course. It was fun to actually say the first thing that came to mind when I opened some of those packages instead of having to fake a fat smile and give a thank you to the giver! Yeah it sounds mean but you know you all do it too!

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