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Week 26 ~ January 1, 2006
~ The Official Ultrasound

Apparently the first ultrasound I had (around 12 weeks I think) was just a freebie. I really have no clue why the OB chose to give me one and he didn't check anything when he did it other than to say 'Yep, there's a baby.' I pray he's not the doctor on-call the night I go into labor…

Anyhoo, Kevin and I did go to our official ultrasound appointment this week. I was supposed to have it around week 20 but I kept pushing it back in hopes of Kevin being able to come with me. I'm glad that was able to happen.

I thought the first doctor was a butthead until I met this ultrasound guy (he must be the leader of all buttheads). He didn't talk whatsoever unless we asked him a question. Half the time we were looking at the screen watching this 'blob' in my stomach. I don't mean to call my baby a blob but without someone telling you what you're looking at on the monitor, that's all it looks like! My Mom found a way to put it nicely, he just doesn't have a good bedside manner. I had other words for it

Then he gave us two pictures to take home, supposedely of the baby's head/face. He zoomed in so close that it's not even worth having a picture of anymore! I didn't even see them until we left the office because the guy handed them right to Kevin - who didn't know what the heck he was looking at most of the time anyway so he didn't know the pictures weren't good until I told him. I'm so mad that I won't even look at them. I made Kevin hide them somewhere in the house and I said not to bring them out again until after the baby is born so I can put them in the baby book. I'm just so disappointed. One picture just looks so evil and skeletal that it actually scares me. I'm not even sending it to my family because there;s no way I'd ever be able to explain to them over the phone what they're looking at. Kevin and I know what it is and we still have a hard time distinguishing the facial features. I'm really fuming about it, can you tell?

On to something better… the baby does look normal, healthy and measuring right where it should be. We decided the night before the appointment that we would find out the sex of the baby. I was really hoping that if I had the sex to hold on to for the next few months that maybe I could form some sort of maternal bond with the baby. There was no initial excitement for me though. The doctor came across a clear shot of the baby's sex organs and then asked if we wanted to know… it was a little late by that point. It was SO obvious that 'it' is a boy. Instead of saying 'yes', I just announced it to Kevin (as if he didn't already notice himself). The first thing I thought of was 'Ew, there's a penis inside my belly.' I don't know where I got the thought from but it certainly wasn't a planned internal reaction. Then I felt a huge wave of disappointment because suddenly I wanted a girl instead. I never wanted one more than the other until that very minute! For days afterwards I kept saying 'it's a boy' just randomly to Kevin, like I'm still in shock. I know if I had a girl in my belly then I would have wanted a boy.

Aside from all that, we are finally starting to put the nursery together. The crib is built and ready for use. The fire trucks and Dalmatian theme will be perfect for our son. We didn't get much for the baby for Christmas and I'm not planning on going back to Michigan for a shower anymore. The money I would use on the plane ticket would be better spent on the baby and it looks like we will have a lot on our shopping list!

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