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Week 28 ~ January 15, 2006
~ Happy Birthday to Us!

Kevin and I celebrated our birthday this past Friday, January 13th. I'm now 25 and he's still pulling up the rear at 24. Actually, it was more of a celebration for him than it was for me since there are only so many things that 1) I can do to have fun these days and 2) in Alaska! There's no way I was going to attempt bowling again so we ended up at a bar/restaurant with pool tables for Kevin and one of those touch-screen video games for me to play.

You can't go anywhere in this town without running into more people that you know and it was fun to see a lot of people that I haven't even talked to since before they were deployed last January. Since they're all guys, there was a lot of handshaking and congrats given to Kevin for producing a baby boy . . . apologies given to me because they all know I am going to have my hands full!!

Other than our birthday, it's been another uneventful week. This has probably been the best I have felt in months despite the lingering congestion. My back is giving me a lot of problems but I was definitely expecting that. I was a figure skater for 13 years and developed stress fractures in my lower back. That was about 6 years ago and although those fractures have healed (not as well as they should have since I skated through the injury instead of taking time off to let them heal), there are many more problems that have developed along the way. I've had arthritis in that area and my hips since I was about 21. Just before getting pregnant I was getting cortisone shots into the nerves on either side of the lower part of my spine because I am gradually losing the space between several discs causing some nerves to get pinched and A LOT of pain, tingling and numbness to occur in my legs, hips and back. According to the MRI results from last June, I have two bulging discs as well. So now that I have to carry this excess weight - especially the baby in my lower abdomen - it's causing my spine to naturally curve more than normal and I'm in more pain.

Does that sound fun or what? I'm going back to my regular doctor in the next couple of weeks to talk about my birthing options. He wanted to see my progress through my third trimester before evaluating my back again. When I saw him last September he said that a c-section may be the best way to go because it would cause the least amount of pain and risk less damage to my spine. I don't have a choice to have the surgery or not, there has to be a medical reason for having a section. I didn't want my doctor to put that recommendation in my medical file quite so soon. My options are definitely still open. Assuming that all is well with the baby, then my next concern is my health. After I talk to him about my options then I'll have a meeting with my OB who will ultimately make the final call. I don't expect that to happen though for another couple of weeks at least.

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