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Week 29 ~ January 23, 2006
~ Third Trimester

I wasn't sure if the third trimester started on the 27th or 28th week so I waited until now to say anything about it. I thought the second one would never end. The twenties just seemed to drag on. I'm waiting for that 24/7 drowsy feeling to come back so I can sleep all day like I wanted to in the first trimester (but couldn't because at that point I was still trying to go to school full time).

I went to the doctor for my back this week. One bad thing about living on an Army base in the middle of deployments - doctors come and go. Needless to say, mine is gone, again. I have rarely seen the same doctor twice in the past year, except my midwife who seems to be pretty "permanent" out here. The new doctor definitely is not as educated in the spinal area as my last one so he gave me a referral to the orthopedic doctor. Hopefully I will be able to see him in a couple of weeks. The appointment isn't made by me so right now it's out of my hands. Usually these referrals take only about a week to get through the insurance company.

In the past week there really hasn't been a difference in my back pain, which is of course a good sign. I didn't do a whole lot this week either though. For now it's the bending over (from cleaning to putting my socks on) that bothers me and the worst is when I have to get up after lying down for a while. I can't sleep on my back at all and unfortunately it's the most comfortable position with this belly. I would have thought that the baby lying on top of my other organs would be really irritating but either I hardly notice it or the baby just isn't big enough yet for me to care. Lately I haven't been able to sleep on my left side, which I'm told is the best for the baby, because it's hard for me to breathe out of my nose at night - sinuses. That leaves the right side. It doesn't feel normal to me so I don't sleep very well but I manage to get enough to stay in a relatively good mood.

Kevin and I were talking today that I haven't had any weird cravings yet. The only thing I've started to do a little differently is mixing my food. The best example was probably Christmas. I mixed the green bean casserole with the potatoes and the stuffing, and then I'd eat it by putting a scoop on the dinner role and taking a bite. It's not that I was craving a bunch of slop but the bigger I get, the less room my stomach seems to have for food. Either I mix it and get it all in at once or I miss out on something because I'll feel too full to eat it! That was the first big meal Kevin made since coming home from Iraq; I wasn't about to risk missing out on something.

This week I finally have another prenatal appointment with my midwife. I'm a week late on it because she was on leave last week and I didn't want to see anyone but her. Kevin still hasn't heard the heartbeat. I bought one of those belly monitors off of ebay a while ago but I was never far enough along to find the heart beat. Now that I'm sure I am, it's broken! Blame the puppy for that one.

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