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Week 30 ~ January 29, 2006
~ More Belly Pics!

Here's the belly pic from 25 weeks. It's a little late. I have pics from 27 weeks too but I don't like the way my butt looks in them They are being hidden from the public. I'll take more this week since I'm finally at the big 3-0. That first trimester was just a tease. Of course it flew by because for almost half of it I didn't even know I was pregnant! At least it's almost over now. I really can't wait until I have my body all to myself again.

week 25

Everyone is so curious about our baby name. We don't even have one yet but it seems to be a hot topic among family and friends lately. Kevin and I don't talk about it much. If a name pops up we may throw it out there but we've never actually sat down and had a discussion about it. Neither of us feels the need to rush and honestly we'd like to see the baby before we even make a decision. I can say for sure that we are not naming the baby after anyone we know and there will be no Kevin Jr. We definitely don't want a popular name so if it's on one of those baby name lists for top 100, it's out.

I had my glucose test earlier this week. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The stuff I had to drink tasted like Orange pop . . . on the first sip. Then on the second sip is when I could really taste the sweetness of it. Kevin told me to just chug it and for the next hour I was thinking about how nice it was to not have him at any prior appointments. My stomach ached afterwards but it didn't make me nauseous. I don't have the results back yet but no news is good news so I assume that test will come back normal too. If I had to do it again, I wouldn't chug it . . . large sips maybe. My next appointment is in 3 weeks.

I took the time to really clean and rearrange the nursery this week. Now the crib is right where it should be. Probably should not have done it alone but I was on a rampage (a lot of things got done that day). We finally got the Baby Papasan chair in the mail and all put together. The Baby Papasan Swing also came but I haven't had energy to do anything with it yet. My Mom sent out the Graco Pack 'N Play that will match the Quattro travel system which Kevin's Mom will be sending us. I'm trying to get all the baby things assembled now so the dogs have time to adjust to all of it. So far they are pretty uninterested. We keep using Lilah (our 10ish month old puppy) to test things, like the changing table in the pack 'n play. She's about 27 lbs now so we figure that if it can hold her then we're good to go.

As for the baby this week, he likes to do somersaults now. The kicking I could handle. It was annoying at times but for the most part it was tolerable. Whatever the heck he is doing now gives me the creepiest feeling imaginable. I can actually feel him moving and spinning around in there. It was mostly at night when I would lay down to watch tv with Kevin before bed, but now it's ALL the time. He started squirming around the other night and we just watched my stomach go from lumpy on the right to lumpy on the left. The baby's head shifted sides and that was it for me . . . I could FEEL him moving and then I could actually SEE it. I flew out of bed and walked around for a while, hoping he'd stop moving for a while. I couldn't sleep all night. This pregnancy thing just isn't for me!

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