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Week 31 ~ February 6, 2006
~ I Can Breathe!

We finally got a humidifier for the bedroom this week. My breathing was getting shallow because the baby is beginning to squish my lungs. Mixed with the congestion that never goes away, every breath I took was so loud and labored that it started to keep Kevin up at night. I was having frequent nose bleeds because it was so dry here (because any humidity that would be in the air is frozen). So we decided to try a humidifier in the bedroom and see how it worked. We also bought Breathe Right Strips for our noses, saline nasal spray to prevent anymore nose bleeds and more meds to help my congestion. I slept great that night! Since then, I've had my moments. We figured that since the humidifier worked so well in the bedroom then we would purchase a larger one for the living room that could add some moisture to the whole house. Now it seems that the more humidity we have, the worse my congestion is. I've been nauseous for the past few days from the mucus draining into my tummy, mmmm yum! There's no happy medium. If there was then I'm pretty sure I would have discovered it after 7 months!

I was supposed to go to the dentist this week, finally after two years! I ended up canceling though because I really wasn't sure if I should be going this late in my pregnancy, I hate laying on my back because it's getting increasingly harder to breath, and I've been sick. What's two more months anyway? Then I'll be able to get the x-rays and I'm sure all kinds of drilling, fillings, and caps that come along with not seeing a dentist in quite a while. After 25 years I have yet to have a cavity form so perhaps it's my time!

We haven't done any shopping for the baby lately, though Kevin's family has. They sent us the travel system to match our pack 'n play. We also received all of the bottle/feeding supplies that we had asked for, a baby bath tub seat, diaper supplies, and more clothes. We really do have just about everything I think we'll need for the baby. I thought that preparing our home for him would be a lot more stressful than it actually was. We did just a little at a time, didn't wait until the last minute obviously, and we haven't had any problems with it. Of course now that we're pretty prepared for the baby's arrival, I doubt he'll even be on time. I'll have to start doing jumping jacks soon!

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