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Robin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 32
~ Happy Valentine's Day!

Well this is a little late but it's not entirely my fault. I had a journal all set and ready to go but the ac adapter for my computer decided to stop working. Now my computer battery is completely dead and I have to use Kevin's computer for a while. I was waiting to send it in because I thought I'd take more belly pics - even my parents haven't had an update in about a month. Too bad we have absolutely no idea where the camera is and even when we find it the program I use to download the pics is on my computer anyway! Maybe next week . . .

I had another prenatal appointment on Tuesday with a different midwife. I've seen the same one all along and was nervous to see a new one, even though they basically just measure my belly and check the heartbeat. She was really nice though and she's pregnant too! Made me feel really bad when she asked how I was feeling and I said exhausted - here I am doing next to nothing all day and she's still working and on her feet most of the time. It wasn't like I was complaining so I don't feel too bad.

I have hated not being able to work or go to school for the last six months. It used to be that going to school full time was my exercise because it just kept me busy from walking up and down stairs and all over campus every day. It wasn't much but it was enough to keep me moving all day long. I went from that to sitting on my butt everyday. I'm sure to a lot of people this sounds really nice . . . and it was for maybe the first month. There's nothing I hate more now. You would think that since I don't do much then I'd have all this energy bottled up. Not exactly how it works. I've never felt so out of shape in my entire life (and after being an athlete for such a long time, this has probably been the hardest feeling to overcome - which I have yet to do and probably never will).

There's my big whine for the week! Aside from that, the baby appointment did go well. My belly is measuring at 32.5 and the baby's heartbeat is in the 130s. We're pretty sure that the baby is sitting breach right now, and has been for a few weeks as far as we can tell here at home. The midwife gave me a few positions to try out in hopes that the baby will turn but most of them put me in awkward positions that arch my back just enough to aggravate it so I think I'm leaving it up to the baby to move himself.

We did go visit a birth center here in Fairbanks because I was very interested in using a jacuzzi tub during labor. I'm not in to water births or anything of the sort but if it were an option then I could see myself going for it. I'm definitely not too excited about the idea of a drug free labor either. Whatever happens, happens and if I can go without the drugs then great but I'm not all gun-ho about it. It would be nice to feel exactly what is happening to my back so afterwards I'll be able to describe my condition to the orthopedic doctor but he can also just give me another MRI and see if anything changed - which is much more convenient for me!

Anyway, the birth center . . . could not be more UNlike us. The midwife we talked to there on our tour was all about empowerment that women have during pregnancy and labor. She gushed about how much modern medicine was more harmful to the baby rather than helpful because of all the medical interventions that are just unnecessary. When I told her that I had no interest at all in breastfeeding, she said they would do everything they could after birth to persuade me to at least give it a shot. I can't imagine that I'm going to be in the mood to negotiate about much of anything so soon after the baby is born. When I asked if my parents would be able to be in the room while I give birth she said that they would have to meet them first before making that decision. After that it really didn't matter what she said to me. The idea of having the most important people in my life be interviewed before being approved to be at my side during labor . . . why not interview Kevin too while you're at it? I think I have a better shot at getting along with them during the birth than my husband! As much as I didn't like the look or feel of the hospital rooms we saw a few weeks ago, I have learned that I'm just more of scientific or medical minded person, however you want to say it. Kevin and I don't have the same views as these midwives at all so it wouldn't make sense to give birth at the birth center. I will miss the jacuzzi though, they are big and look SO inviting!

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