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Week 33
~ I Have the OK to Push

Since my last journal I had an appointment with an orthopedic doctor to get his medical opinion on a vaginal birth and/or a c-section as my birthing method. My back hasn't been hurting any worse than it was a few months ago (I'm lucky there). But I am concerned with the after effects of labor. Of course I don't want to cause more damage to my spine but the doctor seemed pretty optimistic. He did not recommend a planned c-section so if I do end up having to have one then it will be more by emergency. Not having an epidural will enable me to be more aware of my body should any of my discs give me real problems but if I do need pain medication then I will personally go hunt down whoever it is that has those meds and make sure I get something to make me feel better! After delivery I'll be able to continue with the spinal injections into my back that will hopefully ease the pain for a very long time, if not permanently.

I'm really jealous of my baby for getting more sleep then I have been lately. He hasn't been kicking me as much, although I am starting to feel random body parts under my ribs when I'm sitting down. I've been chugging a lot more water lately and thus have made MANY more trips to the bathroom. I'm ready to go buy myself some adult diapers just to avoid having to get up all the time!

I still feel sick most days because of my sinuses. It's starting to warm up here in Fairbanks so on some days there actually is some moisture in the air and I feel pretty good. I feel my worst at night - yes we have night and day just like every one else. Right now the sun is rising around 8:30am and setting around 5:30pm. We gain more daylight every day until the end of June (when it will be nearly 24 hours of sunny skies) and then we start losing it again. For some reason I function great at night and I'm tired through out the day. That's why when any of you call my house in the middle of the day, you don't get an answer! I get very little sleep at night with Kevin and the two dogs in bed with me. The second he leaves for work though, I'm out like a light! I probably sleep more out of boredom than actual exhaustion though.

Big news of the week: I now have my husband's last name! I didn't change it on the day we were married because we only had a civil "ceremony". (I wouldn't call it a ceremony. We walked in signed the papers, took the oath, paid $10 and we were married). I didn't plan on changing my last name until the wedding day because I wanted the day to seem as traditional as possible. With the baby on the way, I decided that I might as well just take care of it now so I will have the same name on the birth certificate. That's the partial reason . . . the main reason was that I should probably get my license now before I get any fatter so the picture will look semi normal.

My last bit of news for this week: I am now a Navy sister! I was born an Air Force Brat, became and Army Wife and now my brother has joined the Navy! We were worried that he would have to leave before mine and Kevin's wedding in July but now we're fairly certain that he won't leave until a few weeks after. He's standing in the wedding as my best man along with my maid of honor who is my best friend from middle school. Kevin has his brother and sister standing on his side (his own best man and maid of honor). His sister and my brother are the baby's Godparents and since we're having the baptism following our wedding ceremony - the sacramental blessing of our civil union - it'll just be a very good thing that my brother will be able to be there on that day!

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