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Robin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 34
~ You Look Ready to Pop!

I really don't think my belly looks very big for 34 weeks. We ran into a friend at Walmart the other day that hasn't seen me in several months and made the comment that I look like I'm ready to pop. I guess that compared to the old me I am enormous but as far as a third trimester pregnant lady, I think I'm just average. His wife just had a baby about a year ago so it's not unknown territory for him. I don't have any stretch marks or that dark line running vertically down my belly that I keep reading about. My belly button ring is still in with no problems and, although it has stretched out some, I'm still an innie.

I honestly have no idea how much weight I've gained so far. I stopped using our scale here at home a long time ago and when I go to the doctor I tend to glance away from the number. I feel like my maternity pants are getting a little tight but when I went shopping to buy the next size up, they were too big. Kevin said I should have bought them just in case I get bigger, like that's something I really want to plan ahead for?! It's below 0 outside once again so it's not like I'm out walking everyday for all the public to see. When I'm home all day I just lounge around in comfy clothes. I still look presentable when I go out, that hasn't changed. My pants really don't look like they're getting any smaller so I'm sure it's just all in my head.

It's just not fun to look in the mirror and see, what now appears to be, a smaller bust, a round belly and a butt with a mind of its own. I took ballet for years and having a sway back was always very discouraged. Now I actually have one and there's nothing I can do about it. I don't even want to think about how squished my discs are in my lower back. I can't believe I'm not in more pain as my belly keeps growing!

I have yet to have some random person come up and rub my belly. I don't understand what would make someone think that just because I'm pregnant that my body is public property and can be touched by anyone with the courage to get that close to me. Maybe they can see that kind of attitude in my eyes and know to keep their distance!

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