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Week 35
~ Breech Baby?

Just a couple weeks after I get the go ahead from an orthopedic doctor to have a normal delivery (because of my back problems), now it seems that my baby wants to be difficult and curl up in a breech position. The midwives at my 32 and 34 week appointments were both fairly certain that his head is above my belly button. I thought he had flipped sometime during week 33 simply because he had the hiccups and I felt them lower in my belly but evidently not. At my next appointment, on March 13, if he still feels breech then I'll be scheduled for another ultrasound just to confirm. I'm actually hoping that I get the chance to have more pictures taken! After the horrible experience we had last time, I haven't even looked at the pictures we were given from the second ultrasound since the day we had it done. I told Kevin to hide them somewhere in the house so I wouldn't find them - and I have absolutely no desire to snoop around!

The only other minor concern of ours is my blood pressure. It was really high at my last appointment and that concerned the nurse and my midwife because my blood pressure, along with my temperature, are normally a little under average. It doesn't take much these days to get my heart really pumping and I lose my breath very easily since the baby is taking up more room. For now the high bp is just something to keep note of in my file. I have a list of all the possible signs of preeclampsia and pregnancy induced hypertension, just in case.

I had a few contractions this week that were stronger than normal and had me a little on edge. I've had little ones here and there for weeks but nothing like these before so it definitely got me thinking! Kevin is back to work full time for the first time since he came home from Iraq in December. He's works 14 hour days so most of the time I get to spend with him is like now - he's asleep in bed next to me snoring away! If he does get a day off normally it is a weekend and he'll spend the day snow boarding with his friends. I know he would like me to go into labor while he's at work, then he'll get out of it! However, I would feel much more comfortable knowing that he's here, along with the car, and we can kick things off together.

Still no wild cravings to speak of. I did make root beer ice cubes this week though. I've been really dehydrated through most of this pregnancy and if I'm feeling too nauseous to drink water then I'll eat some ice cubes. Well, I got bored with that a few days ago and came up with this bright idea to freeze random pop - soda for all you weird people :) It's a nice little treat but I don't think it falls into the craving category.

I would post more belly pictures but I am, once again, on Kevin's computer! I finally got a new ac cord for my laptop then just a couple days later, Lilah chewed it (no it was not plugged in at the time). So I have ordered yet another one that obviously hasn't arrived yet.

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