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Robin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 36
~ Blegh!

I managed to catch a cold again this week. I have felt like I've had a cold ever since the beginning of this pregnancy so when I catch one on top of that . . . I'm completely wiped out. I went to the doctor to make sure I didn't have any infections, especially in my ears, and everything looked good. I just have to try to stay hydrated and 'keep doing what you're already doing'.

My blood pressure was still a little high, but not as high was it was last week. I have another prenatal appointment on Monday and they'll check it again. I would rather not develop any complications at this point but I have to admit that I wouldn't mind the baby coming a little early! As long as he's healthy, he can come any day. I can't wait to have my body all to myself again!

I'm excited to find out if my midwife thinks he is in a breech position again this week. I really, really, REALLY want another ultrasound. His head feels like it's in the same place to me but what do I know? My belly is starting to take on some odd shapes as he moves around and stretches out a bit. He's definitely sitting lower than ever before because I'm able to breathe a lot easier and I can even bend over with more ease. Sitting is more uncomfortable though.

We still haven't decided on a baby name. I thought for sure we did while we were out to lunch one day this week, but as soon as we got home we had changed our minds, yet again! Kevin actually looked through the baby name book, seriously, for the first time. Now we have some new options on the table. The middle name has been unchanged for many weeks; it's just the first name we're having problems with.

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