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Week 37
~ C-Section or Version?

At our 36 week appointment, Monday, my midwife did another ultrasound to confirm that the baby is indeed in a breech position. I was excited just to get a new picture of him; one I could actually look at without it scaring me! It still looks a little freaky but at least you can make out what you're looking at now that he's filled out some!

Anyhoo, the baby is being stubborn - surprise, surprise! Wonder where he gets that from?! It is possible that he will flip to a head-down position and I can have a vaginal birth. However, every day he grows a little bigger and loses more of his wiggle room in my belly. At my next appointment, Monday, we'll get another ultrasound to see if he's made any progress on his own. If not then I have the option to schedule a c-section or make an appointment for an External Version.

A version is a procedure where a doctor physically pushes around on the belly to try and flip the baby to an ideal position for a vaginal delivery. There are pros and cons just like there are with a c-section so it's not necessarily an easy decision for us. For several weeks I've been telling Kevin that if he came down to this, there's no way I'd let them try to manipulate the baby's position. I figure that he's in that position for a reason, he's obviously content and up until this point he has had a very easy and uncomplicated pregnancy. I'd rather not risk any harm to him or to me just to get him head-down. If it's meant to be then he'll flip on his own.

Now that we're actually faced with the situation though, I'm definitely thinking twice about trying the version. I'm not excited about the thought of having surgery because of the recovery time. The actual surgery part doesn't bother me at all. I'd like them to put a mirror in the room just so I can watch! But I have to keep in mind that we live alone out here in Alaska. Even though my family is coming out for a week or so, once they're gone and Kevin goes back to work (he gets two weeks off) then I'll be on my own.

Having said all that, we are still leaning towards the c-section but we're waiting to make that final decision until Monday, after the next ultrasound. The baby hasn't moved at all this week. His head seems to be lodged under my right rib and I swear I have a foot, knee, or something, implanted in my bladder. If you were to look at my belly, the baby would be in a backward C position.

I don't think that Kevin really has a preference as to which way the baby comes out. I made him watch Birthday Live on the Discovery Health Channel this week and he saw his first c-section. He's seen pictures but never the real thing, in action. I knew he got the gist of the procedure but it was very obvious that he never really thought of the details. He was pretty traumatized when he saw the doctor actually reach into this woman's belly to get the baby's head out. Not sure if he thought the baby would just find his own way out or what?! As if that didn't freak him out enough, I had to get him thinking that this baby was coming out of a pre-cut hole in the belly…imagine what it will be like if I have a vaginal delivery! People say that labor is all worth it once you hold your baby for the first time . . . I'm sure it is, but it will also be worth it just to see the look on my husband's face when he begins to realize just what labor is all about.

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