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Robin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 38
~ C-Section Decision

For the baby, this has been a very easy pregnancy. For me, I just can't wait for it to be over. There have been no major complications to speak of but to have a head cold for almost 7 months straight and morning sickness that comes and goes like the wind is enough to make anyone want to call it quits.

As of Monday I became a walking time bomb because I had hit my 37 week mark. I could 'go any time' as they tell me. Unfortunately the baby seems to have other ideas. He is still breech and I passed on having the External Version procedure. This coming Monday we have an appointment with an OB to discuss the c-section. That will probably take place on, hopefully, or around April 5th. We thought it would be a fun date because numerically it is 04-05-06. My Mom asked if they could wait until April 11th, my due date, to have the surgery . . . probably but if I can get him out even a week sooner then I'm taking that opportunity! Plus that is a Saturday, along with April 8th, our original first choice because it's my Dad's birthday. We won't have an official date scheduled until we meet with this doctor. We also thought that this would give the baby some extra time to flip around on his own (with the genes Kevin and I have given him though, this seems very unlikely). If he ends up flipping, even on the morning of the c-section, then it will be cancelled and I'll have to push him out. It has to happen somehow. I don't care how but I am still selfish enough to long for the days when my body is all mine again.

Contractions have been coming and going all week. They are a lot different than they were a few weeks ago. Obviously they are more intense now but also they are causing really bad back pain. I would not even attempt a natural child birth based on this week's contractions and they are not even full strength yet. I had it stuck in my mind that if I had a vaginal birth I would try not to have any pain meds simply because Kevin once told me that he didn't think I could do it. I just wanted to prove him wrong - it's the competitor in me. Now, I'm facing the reality of it all and would rather be as comfortable and coherent as possible.

I'm waiting to see if Kevin will bribe the doctor to give him some meds too. Ever since I made him watch that c-section on TV, he just hasn't been the same. I know he won't watch the operation. I think just being in the same room with me when it's taking place will be enough to make him pass out. If I end up having a vaginal birth, I don't even think he would be able to stay in the room with me! I'll need someone there to video me and another person there to video him - it should be interesting!

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