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Week 39
~ Here We Go!

Monday, March 27~
I had an appointment with an OB this morning. I was told it was supposed to be my pre-op visit to get everything in order for my c-section next week. The guy didn't do anything that my midwife wouldn't have done. The appointment desk went out of their way to squeeze me in to this time slot and then it seemed like such a waste of time! The doctor then told me he wanted to see me back on Friday for the pre-op . . . when there were absolutely no appointments even available. Why we couldn't just take care of it all while I was there today, I'll never know. Do I need to mention that I don't like this doctor either? I have to wonder where the Army gets some of these guys . . .

He decided to tell us that breech babies are at higher risks for complications. What complications you might ask? Not too sure except that "the baby could die." He didn't limit that to only breech babies though - any pregnancy could result in the death of a baby. Nine months of a completely healthy pregnancy for my baby and now I'm supposed to worry that he could die for no apparent reason? Nice try, doc.

I've had a lot of contractions this week. On Wednesday night they were making me very nauseous but they weren't so close together that I felt the need to go to the hospital. I eventually fell asleep so that was another indication that they weren't too bad.

Friday, March 31~
I made my way up to the hospital for my 1pm walk-in "appointment." The nurse warned me when I arrived that the OB had been called to the ER and then to the OR. They had paged him to let him know I had arrived (since he was supposed to see me in between his regular appointments today), but he wasn't calling anyone back. After waiting over an hour the nurse told me that she had checked the computer and thought she could squeeze me in Monday morning instead of making me wait all afternoon. Of course I snatched that opportunity and now I have to go back, YET AGAIN, the day before my scheduled c-section, Tuesday, April 4.

Monday, April 3~
All of my paperwork is in order and we are ready for the c-section tomorrow morning. The appointment today went very well, but how could it not . . . all I had to do was answer a bunch of questions and sign my life away! I have to be at the hospital at 6am, the surgery will start around 7:30. I'm not nervous about it, just happy to finally not be pregnant anymore!

Stay tuned for the birth story!

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