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Robin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 6
~ Expectant Army Wife

After sharing the news with my husband about being pregnant, we spent the next two weeks telling everyone else. He called his parents in Michigan and they told the rest of his family. I was flying back to Michigan in a few weeks to visit my family so I wanted to tell my parents in person. I didn't get to see my husband's reaction to the baby so I definitely wanted to see theirs!

My Dad is a HUGE University of Michigan fan so I went to a Michigan store to buy 'My first M shirt' for the baby, along with little socks, a little hat and a pacifier. I wrapped it all up for my parents to open together. My Mom caught on right away - she looked at the box, then at me, back to the box (repeat several times). My Dad just thought it was 'too cool' that they made Michigan clothes for babies. Then he finally asked, "So who is all of this for?" It definitely took him a minute to realize what was going on!

The big question seems to be "Where are you going to have the baby?" Kevin and I are from Michigan but our home is where the Army sends us - Fort Wainwright, Alaska. So I will be living in our post housing in Alaska, alone, until Kevin comes home (hopefully in about 5 months). This sounds crazy to a lot of people, trust me I know. We have talked about what would be best for us and that's how we made our decision. I'd rather have a home and a stable environment than to be moving all over the country while I'm pregnant. Not to mention that if these hot flashes keep up then the -40 degree weather in Alaska will feel like heaven!

Since I'm in Michigan for a visit I decided to go start my registry at Babies R Us. I don't know if I'll be back here before the baby is born so there may not be a baby shower. We have a very supportive family though and we'll get gifts regardless, so I thought they should at least know what I want!

I also have to start our wedding registry! We are legally married (we have the marriage certificate) but there wasn't enough time to have a wedding ceremony before Kevin's deployment. We have already changed the date three times. Now it is set for July 1, 2006 (the day before our two year anniversary). I didn't expect to have a 3 month old baby at our wedding but I'd rather have it this way than walk down the aisle with a bump in my belly! This makes buying a wedding dress a bit difficult though! So I will be a very busy lady for the next year with the wedding, the baby, the deployment, plus I'm working on my business degree! What's life without a little drama?!

Physically, I don't feel different - except for the hot flashes, the sore boobs and the crappy feeling from the prenatal vitamins. Not much right? I know there's more to come so I'm trying to downplay how miserable I feel now!

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