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Week 7 ~ August 22, 2005
~ Baby? Where?

Having to count down days and cross them off my calendar is definitely something I'm used to being that my husband is deployed. The difference between the countdown for my husband and the countdown for our baby is that the due date for the baby is definitely a better estimate of arrival than the Army has given my husband! Anytime there is an end in sight it seems that the days creep by and you think you'll never make it!

This week has gone by that slow. It also doesn't help that I'm four hours ahead being here in Michigan instead of home in Alaska. Going to bed at 4am, right about the time when my Dad gets up for work, is normal for me because it's only midnight at home! Apparently I'm supposed to be getting as much sleep as possible but my body doesn't seem to operate like that. The two times I actually felt tired enough to nap this week happened to be the two times that Kevin called from Iraq before his shift instead of after. I can't remember everything I said to him and I think its better that way - the hormones were speaking for me!

I think I experienced true morning sickness for the first time but it was such a mild case that I'd like to keep it off the record (so far I'm told that I'm pretty lucky so we'll see). I do get nauseous A LOT but almost never to the point where I'm running to the nearest toilet! I did try to wear those bracelets that some people use for motion sickness and I did feel better with them on - it may be all psychological but it worked so they're considered an accessory to all of my outfits until further notice.

On the sunny side, I did choose my wedding dress this week! It's nothing like I thought I would wear, especially because it's strapless, but it's beautiful. I had to order it two sizes too big because who knows what I'll look like three months after I have the baby! I also met the priest who will be blessing our wedding. It feels good to have something else to think about at the moment other that my husband and the baby. I barely have any control over either of them at the moment but the wedding planning… that I can do! We're even thinking about having the baby baptized just after our convalidation ceremony. It's definitely unique. The main reason is because we'll only be back in Michigan for a only a short time and if all the family is already together then why not?

As far as I know, the baby is healthy and feels like it is growing just fine (since I'm in no pain). My first appointment is September 13, when I'll be 10 weeks. Kevin is trying to work it where he can call me while I'm at the appointment so if we get to hear the baby's heartbeat then he can hear it for the first time with me. I don't expect it to work out so I do plan on taping it either with a recorder or camcorder too. I'm told this is the time though that it really sinks in that there's actually a baby in me. So far I feel like I'm trying to convince myself that something is happening down there. "Just wait!" I know, I know…

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