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Week 10 ~ September 13, 2005
~ Bump, Bump, Bump

Well, two more weeks have dragged by. I could hardly bring myself to sit up straight most of last week. I managed to fly home, from Michigan to Alaska, without a problem but I was definitely exhausted from the three flights it took! I learned a few things once I came home too... like always clean out the fridge before you go on vacation! Oh, and take out the trash even if there's barely anything in the bag. Milk that's over a month old has a very potent smell as it is, but being pregnant and having your senses heightened - it was awful. Luckily I didn't get sick trying to clean everything. I never really had that association between bad smells and nausea.

The day after I got back into town, classes started. I'm taking a nice load of 19 credits (6 classes) this semester. The goal is to have my business degree finished by the time we have to move again, which will be September 2007 (it can't come soon enough). I'm a little nervous that I won't have time to go to school as much as I'd like after the baby comes. That's why I'm taking some extra classes now, in hopes of actually reaching my goal.

I had my first baby appointment today. The midwife was able to find the heartbeat right away. She finished the exam and then I told her I brought my video camera so I could record the heartbeat for Kevin. Finding it again was tough. She finally did but unfortunately it wasn't as loud or clear as the first time we heard the heartbeat so I really don't know that Kevin will be able to distinguish it from the other belly noises. Hopefully he can watch it with some other soldiers who have been through this before and can help him listen at the right moment.

Robin's 10 week belly Robin's belly

Here are the latest belly pics. Apparently in the 10 seconds between the two, my bump grew a little more. It's definitely more visible in the one on the right. My Dad will be happy that I cropped the pics so now none of you can see the clutter on the floor! Now you can all assume that I was raised to be a neat and tidy lady, HA!

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