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Robin's pregnancy journal
Robin, Brad & Ryan

Robin checked in with us weekly through her entire pregnancy. She was due January 30, 1998 but delivered by c-section on December 31, 1997 at 36 weeks due to pre-eclampsia/chronic hypertension. Here are her weekly entries, birth story AND updates on baby Lauren, who spent her first weeks in Neonatal Intensive Care.

Robin's Journal Entries:

  meet Robin!

  week 4
  I'm pregnant!

  week 5
  visiting the nurse practitioner

  week 6
  No Entry

  week 7
  ob visit

  week 8

  week 9
  perinatologist visit

  week 10
  pregnancy symptoms

  week 11
  telling the in-laws

  week 12
  feeling better!

  week 13
  second trimester!

  week 14
  where's the heartbeat?!

  week 15
  can I love another one as much?

  week 16
  there really is a baby in there!

  week 17
  meeting old friends

  week 18
  maternity clothes

  week 19
  popping out

  week 20
  half way there!

week 21

week 22
It's A . . .!!!

week 23
Doing good!

week 24
meet Miss Lauren

week 25
deciding on delivery

week 26
can't wait

week 27

week 28
not feeling well

week 29
the last trimester!

week 30
blood pressure creeping up

week 31
increasing blood pressure meds

week 32
lots of tests

week 33
bladder infection

week 34

week 35
time to deliver

week 36
last minute details

Robin's Birth Story
A New Year's Eve to remember!

Lauren's Updates
Check up on Lauren's progress!

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