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Week 11
Telling the In-Laws

I just got back from spending the weekend with my in-laws. It really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! We told them the news of our pregnancy, and they were happy for us. There was not even any lecture about how we need a house and to pay down our debt before adding more children to the family. :)

Ryan spent the weekend here in Ithaca with my mother. We went to a fair while we were visiting, and I knew that it would be too late for him to stay up. He had a good time and so did we. I sat at a BINGO table all weekend! I ate 2 dozen steamed clams and then thought later about whether or not I really should be eating them. I guess they are okay since they are cooked.

Morning sickness is still prominent, and I am still really tired. I had the opportunity to sleep until 10:30am this morning, and I am still tired! Thank God there are only about 3 more weeks of my first trimester.

This morning I felt like I could feel my uterus more than I have been able to in the past. I was leaning on a counter, and I could feel the "hardness" internally.

My next OB appointment is Thursday.

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