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Week 13
Second Trimester!

The beginning of the second trimester . . . it doesn't seem possible that I am 1/3 through with this pregnancy already. Well, actually, yes, it does. :) The morning sickness has let up a bit this week. I feel like I can function more. I am still really tired, but at least I am not as sick. I have an appointment with my OB this week.

More and more people are asking us if we are going to find out the sex of the baby. Most are highly disappointed when we say that we are not. We found out with both Rachel and Ryan and think that it would be neat to have a surprise this time around. It will be hard though because we have a Level II sonogram scheduled for week 22. In a way I want to know, in another way, I do not want to know. A boy or a girl has its advantages. All I ask for is a healthy term baby.

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